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Can the dashboard widget report on customised workflow

seema prabhu (166) | asked Mar 06 '14, 6:55 a.m.
Test case workflow in RQM has the same four status as that of a Test Case - Draft, Under Review, Approved and Retired.
I have customized the workflow and renamed a few existing status. These status now appear correctly in RQM Plan/ queries.
On adding the  dashboard widget  - QM > Work item statistics , only the default status Draft, Under review  etc are available. The new customized statuses are not available as parameters to select.
I would like to report on the status of test cases - using the new statuses.

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Vidya Malkarnekar (1.0k15) | answered Mar 06 '14, 9:29 a.m.
Hi Seema,

"Work item Statistics" widget  is for Work Items.  If you want to get info on Test artifacts, you should select "Quality Manager"  as category of widgets ( on left side).  For reporting on status of Test Cases, you  can probably use "Test cases by Development State" .


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