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Running multiple RQM Command Line Adapters

Philipp Hoffmann (8124) | asked Mar 06 '14, 5:57 a.m.
edited Mar 07 '14, 6:12 p.m. by Max Bridges (24126)
Our team is using a build process based on RTC and we have created a scheduled job in RQM that executes automated tests (using the CLA) based on the successful completion of a certain build definition.
This works fine for our current release.

However we have multiple build definitions (for different releases) and many need to be tested using RQM and the CLA. The actual test is pretty similar for across all these releases, so that passing a different property from RQM to the CLA here and there should be sufficient to configure what needs to be done.

I'd appreciate some clarification regarding the following questions:
  • Since our test runs for a quite long time, we'd like to run the CLA on multiple machines so that different build definitions can be tested in parallel. Should we use the same CLA / Adapter ID on all machines, or create one for reach release?
  • For each release / build definition, I assume we have to create at least the following artifacts in RQM:
    • a separate scheduled job that triggers our test and defines which test script to execute on which machine / CLA
    • a separate test script, which defines / overwrites some release specific execution variables (and inherits others from the associated test case)

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Antoinette Iacobo (650712) | answered Mar 07 '14, 11:13 a.m.
There are some configuration settings for RQM to choose which adapter to run.  Take a look at this link and see if this is what you are looking for under "Specifying that a suitable..."
You can allocate an adapter to execute automated tests by doing one of these things:
  • Explicitly selecting an execution adapter where a test should be executed
  • Specifying that a suitable adapter is selected at runtime

This will allow RQM to pick any available one.
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Antoinette Iacobo (650712) | answered Mar 06 '14, 10:22 a.m.
Hi Philipp,

I'm not sure I understand the question about version:  There is one CLA per RQM version.  You copy the file <server_root>/server/conf/qm/adapters/ to the 
System Under Test (SUT).  You can do this on multiple machines, and thus can run tests in parallel.  
You initiate a connection from each to a particular RQM server and project area (and it can be the same one). 
In the RQM Adapter Console Menu, you can see a list of all the adapters and their current status/Health. 
So its the same adapter, but unzipped and installed on several machines.  

What do you mean about creating different ones?  


Philipp Hoffmann commented Mar 07 '14, 1:56 a.m.

Hi Toni,

let me try to make it clear.
I have actually setup a CLA on two machines (e.g. CLA1 on node1 , CLA2 on node2 ).
In the RQM Adapter Console, we can see both CLAs / machines show up, so the installation worked as expected.
Going forward, we could create a scheduled job for each release / build definition in order to define which CLA / machine should execute the test (for a certain release).

I was wondering if it is possible to setup the CLAs to make things more dynamic at runtime... Since we don't care which machine executes which test, could we for example also run CLA on node1 and node2 , in order for RQM to choose any of the available machines instead?

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