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CRRRE1419E : OAuthentication message

Kevin Ramer (4.5k8178197) | asked Feb 19 '14, 11:10 a.m.
edited Feb 20 '14, 3:58 p.m. by Jennifer Cianchetta-Riordan (2512)
OK, Our previously flawless record of ETL runs on a 4.0.3 CCM application have begun failing (APT) with the message:

ERROR tional.drivers.jdbc.xml.internal.PageFetcherThread  - CRRRE1419E: Can not access to the OAuthentication URL.
I've got "INFO" level logging on the etl-driver and DEBUG on the etl in the for the ccm, yet no mention of what OAuthentication URL is the target when the failure occurs.   

How to further troubleshoot ?

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Stephanie Bagot (2.1k1513) | answered Feb 19 '14, 11:26 a.m.
I would enable DEBUG on the etl-driver since your error is calling the driver "tional.drivers.jdbc.xml.internal.PageFetcherThread"

Also - navigate to your reports management page
And double check that the userID/consumer ID and password is correct.
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Kevin Ramer commented Feb 19 '14, 11:34 a.m.

Thanks, more info flowing into the etl driver log file now.  Hopefully, this failure was a 1-time thing; a couple 1-offs have happened before.

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Kevin Ramer (4.5k8178197) | answered Feb 19 '14, 2:29 p.m.
I am seeing this now:

2014-02-19 13:41:26,305 [                 Thread-430237] DEBUG l.dataservices.client.auth.oauth.OAuthCommunicator  - => Getting https://rtc3srv1:9443/ccm/rpt/repository/apt?size=0&fields=apt%2FteamArea%2F%28projectArea%2FitemId%7Ccapacity%2F%28developmentLine%2FitemId%7Ccapacity%29%7Cmodified%7Carchived%
2014-02-19 13:41:26,305 [                 Thread-430237] DEBUG dataservices.client.auth.oauth.OAuthCommunicator$2  - Stale connection check
2014-02-19 13:41:26,311 [                 Thread-430237] DEBUG dataservices.client.auth.oauth.OAuthCommunicator$2  - Attempt 1 to execute request
2014-02-19 13:46:26,311 [                 Thread-430237] DEBUG dataservices.client.auth.oauth.OAuthCommunicator$2  - Closing the connection.
2014-02-19 13:46:26,311 [                 Thread-430237] DEBUG .rational.dataservices.client.util.URLDataProvider  - Can not connect to server after 10 retries. Read timed out

I can get https://rtc3srv1:9443/ccm/rpt/repository/apt?size=0&fields=apt/teamArea/(projectArea/itemId|capacity/(developmentLine/itemId|capacity)|modified|archived|itemId)

in a browser but it takes many minutes.   The URI string has appeared > 150 times since I started the APT job by hand.

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