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Jazz reception at ICSE

Kate Ehrlich (11) | asked Mar 18 '09, 9:44 p.m.
IBM is hosting a Jazz Research Reception at ICSE 2009 in Vancouver on Tuesday May 19th where we will feature demos and posters from researchers working with the Jazz platform. The reception, which will include refreshments, will be open to anyone at the conference. Please come to the reception (and bring others too!) and see what researchers are doing with Jazz.

Here are some more details about the event:
Date: Tuesday May 19th; look on the board for the room. This is the evening before the main conference.
Time: 5:30 - 6:30; doors open at 5

We are in the process of setting up a website that will provide additional details including abstracts of the projects featured at the reception.

For further information contact Annie Ying (

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Annie Ying (2063103) | answered May 07 '09, 5:48 p.m.
The Jazz Research Reception at ICSE is approaching (May 19 at 5:30 pm)! I'm so pleased to announce 16 great projects featured at the reception (see the projects below) thanks to the wonderful response from the researchers. In addition, John Wiegand, the Chief Architect of IBM Rational, will tell us some future directions and possibilities on the Jazz "journey." If you're planning to be at ICSE, come mingle with fellow researchers at the reception, drop by the project poster/demo booths, and come hear what John Wiegand has to say about Jazz!

Check out this link for more details about the event:

Here are the projects at the Jazz Research Reception:

Search, Stitch, View: Easing Information Integration in an IDE
University of British Columbia, Canada
Thomas Fritz and Gail C. Murphy

Chat to Avoid Broken Builds
University of Victoria, Canada
Daniela Damian and Adrian Schroeter

Enhancing Jazz Collaboration Platform through integration of Congruence
Carnegie Mellon University
Anita Sarma and Jim Hersleb

Governor: Automating Governance Solutions in Development Environments
IBM Research
Avi Yaeli, Yael Dubinsky,Tim Klinger, Alex Kofman, Gilad Saadoun, Peri Tarr, Clay Williams, Wei Zhao

Mining Bug Reports and Test Execution
North Carolina State University and Peking University
Tao Xie , Tao Xie, Nuo Li, Xiaoyin Wang, Lu Zhang, and Hong Mei

Mining the Jazz Repository: Challanges and Opportunities
Saarland University, Germany
Kim Herzig and Andreas Zeller

Requirements Clarification and Effort Estimation through Planning Poker in Jazz
North Carolina State University
Laurie Williams , Yogesh Arora, Kun-Ta Samuel Tsai, Raza Abbas Syed

Spyglass: Helping Programmers Learn About Relevant Tools
University of British Columbia, Canada
Petcharat Viriyakattiyaporn and Gail C. Murphy

Tempo: Managing the Risk Associated with Project Schedules
IBM Research Steven Tang, Annie Ying, Paul Matchen, Dharmashankar Subramanian, Peri Tarr, Segev Wasserkrug, Clay Williams

World View: Understanding Dependencies in Global Development Projects
University of California - Irvine and Carnegie Mellon University Theo van Oostrum, Anita Sarma, Marcelo Alvim, Andr van der Hoek

Assisting Code Review Tasks by Identifying and Summarizing Systematic Code Changes
University of Texas at Austin
Miryung Kim

How Tagging Supports Informal Processes in Software Development
University of Victoria, Canada
Christoph Treude and Margaret-Anne Storey

An Activity-Based Model of a Programmers Knowledge About a Software System
University of British Columbia, Canada
Jingwen Ou, Thomas Fritz and Gail C. Murphy

AP Jazz - Integrating synchronous distributed project planning with executable acceptance test driven development for agile software teams
University of Calgary, Canada
Frank Maurer , Shelly Park

Applying Jazz Processes for Implementing the Software Enterprise
Arizona State University at the Polytechnic Campus
Kevin Gary and Harry Koehnemann

Mining the Jazz Repository: Challanges and Opportunities
Technische Universitt Clausthal, Germery
Andreas Rausch and Christian Bartelt

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