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Generating RPE Documents from within RM

Alastair Beadle (19411218) | asked Jan 20 '14, 12:04 p.m.

Hi all,

I am new to CLM, but experienced with DOORS and generating RPE documents from DOORS.

I have a CLM 4.0.5 installation and am trying to create some RPE templates and generate reports with them from RM data.

Working through the manual (specifically this section: Creating a Document Style Report...), I can generate reports from RM data using RPE launcher and specifying the data source in a specification file.

But when I copy the template accross to the CLM server (according to this section of the manual: Making Document Style Reports Avaialble to Viewers) I get an authorisation error each time I try to run it (specifically I get CRRPE3011E IBM Rational Pulishign Enginer Error,

I was assuming that CLM would manage the link with the source data and authorisation (i.e. the report is being run from module xyz by user abc so that is the required source data and authorisation) and that I would not need to change the template - but that does not seem to be the case. Looking at the built-in templates they seem to access the data through variables that start with an underscore (e.g. _baselineURI, _moduleURI etc).

If I copy one of these built-in  templates and modify it, it all works fine - so my setup seems OK. But I don't know where these special variables come from or where they are documented. I would like to understand how this works before using it as the basis of our system but it doesn't seem to be described anywhere in the manual (unless it is this section but it is very brief and I dont understand what it is telling me: Configuring Meta Data In...).

Is there any documentaton about how to make an RPE template suitable for running from within CLM?



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Robin Bater (3.4k47) | answered Jan 20 '14, 12:53 p.m.
From the steps described in:

did you see the step 4 completion message, specifically "Initialization Complete Successfully." after the changes are made, and you reinitialize the publish service on the server?

To reinitialize, open https:// server :9443/ application context root /publish/initialize in a browser.

Remember: You need Jazz Admin privileges to reinitialize the publish service.

If you did see this message the new RPE template should appear in the RM application list of reports. So is the error you are getting when you run it from the RM report view or some other way?

Alastair Beadle commented Jan 22 '14, 9:06 a.m.

Hi Robin,

Yes I did see the step 4 "Initialization Complete Successfully" message after the changes were made. If I just copy an existing template to a new name, add it to the MANIFEST.MF and then reinitialize the server it works without error - which is what makes me think it is something I am doing in the template that is wrong.

The test template I am trying is very simple - it just works through all attributes and prints out their title. When I run it from RPE launcher I point it to http://<server>/rm/publish/text/* with a username and password in the specification file and it works fine, publishing the title of every attribute in the database (which is not many yet as it is a fairly new install). The same template copied to the server and run from the 'generate a document style report for this view' button in a module in the RM application though gives the AuthenticationException.

I assume I need to change the template to access the data in some other fashion to replace the specification file (which isn't uploaded to the server) - but I am not sure how.


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