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RTC repository

John Cho (122) | asked Jan 15 '14, 10:56 a.m.
 i created RSA project and connected to Hub RTC repository and delivered source codes, but it is not showing up at

Any idea?   thanks in advance.

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Ralph Schoon (63.3k33646) | answered Jan 15 '14, 11:27 a.m.

you need to create yourself a new repository workspace in the JazzHub Web UI, to see the code there. If you just have a repository workspace there, consider creating a stream and delivering to it. Then create a new workspace to flow with that stream. When loading that, you can see the code. When delivering from your other workspace using the Eclipse client, you would see the incoming changes as expected too.

It is important to not load the same workspace you use in Eclipse in the Web UI and the Eclipse UI. That would confuse the workspace and you would not see the updates from Eclipse, like it would if you load the same workspace to two Eclipse clients.

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