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How to set missing source-control icon in Visual Studio Solution Explorer ?

Abhi Raj (2157) | asked Dec 19 '13, 5:08 a.m.
RTC 4.0.4, Visual Studio 2010 , Workstation Win7
After sharing & delivering VS Solution under source control, the yellow-cylinder icon is not visible on any of the files under source control in the Solution Explorer.
Also, after modifying any file & checking-in , the black-arrow icon also do not appear in the Solution Explorer.
But in pending-changes view, all are OK.

How to get the icons visible in the Solution explorer ? Anything related to graphic setting options or anti-virus software ?

- Abhi

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Priyadarshini Gorur (3313) | answered Jan 03 '14, 1:10 a.m.
What kind of projects does your VS solution have (e.g., Web Site/Win Forms?) Also, where did you share your solution from, was it outside VS, like from RTC Eclipse client? Or in VS, from the Sandbox Explorer? If you shared the solution from the Solution Explorer, you shouldn't have seen this behavior, so, do you still see "Share project(s) in Jazz" in the context menu of the solution in Solution Explorer?

Here is additional information on Jazz Source Control for VS:

- RTC VS Team

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