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Hide folder name in Pending Changes view

Ram Chundu (18811) | asked Dec 16 '13, 4:08 p.m.
retagged Dec 18 '13, 4:01 p.m. by David Lafreniere (4.8k7)
How Can I see only file names in Pending Changes View? Currently I see all the folders and then files modified under them. Instead I would like to see only list of files that are Unresolved/Outgoing/Incoming.

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Robert Carter (42928789) | answered Dec 18 '13, 3:51 p.m.
 This is not possible.  A reason I can think of is the directory structure is also important in distinguishing the file.  If you had two file named the same but in different directories I can imagine that would be confusing in the list view.

Options available to you are the ability to show only incoming or outgoing changes.  Also, you can choose to only display the ChangeSets.  Then of course you could drill-down further for info about each change set which would provide you the individual files that were changed.  Also, RTC wants you to think in terms of Change Sets not individual files.  Since there is no capability to split a change set, your really should be concerned with the whole change set not just individual files.

Ram Chundu commented Dec 31 '13, 11:25 a.m.

Thanks for the answer. But still I think it is very hard to traverse through folders where there lot of files changed in Sandbox. If you have 50 files changed in Sandbox, it would make real hard expanding each folder and checking what file got changed. I would prefer to have only the files listed in Unresolved view and as you mentioned if two files have same name, we can always display the folder right side to the file name. We were using StarTeam before RTC, and StarTeam shows only file names and you have option to see the folder also as additional column. I would like RTC to have the option left to each developer on whether they want to see files or folders.

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