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Hi All, I am configuration RTCz. Started jts from WAS and getting jazz server web page, but unable to login?

Vijayalakshmie K Ekan (711116) | asked Dec 16 '13, 8:39 a.m.

I followed steps from RTCz confguration guide, started up WAS server and logged on to WAS and deployed jts, ccm war files.

From WAS started up jts and with url , i am getting the web page. 

But i tried to login with the user id gave in file. But it say invalid user.

I also started up jazz build engine. Can any one help me. How to logon to jazz server?
Thanks in advance.

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Bruce Green (30124) | answered Dec 16 '13, 3:18 p.m.
 Hi Viji - I don't understand this comment :

"Here, the group mentioned are there. But CONNECt user that is JAZADMU1, JAZDWAU1,  JAZPRAU1 , JAZUSRU - these user  ids were not there. When i tried LU JAZADMU1 , does not had entry. "

What ID are you trying to use?

If, from USS, you enter :  "id JAZADMU1" what do you get?

I still think it would be preferable to continue our investigation in a work item.  Let me know if you are able to open one or I can do it on your behalf.

Thanks - Bruce

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