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Associate artificats between HPALM and RTC using commandline

Sathishkumar Thangaraj (122) | asked Dec 16 '13, 4:53 a.m.
How to associate for the project area so that artifacts in this project area can link to artifacts in the artifact container using  command lilne.

We are going to use HP ALM Adpator 11 provided by IBM to associate  QC projects in the HPALM 11  with respect to RTC projects in RTC.

We need to map more number of projects association by mannually, Is there way to associate projects between HPALM and RTC using command line ? 

I am new to  RTC Product and Integration .....Please let me know how to do ?


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Charlie Seo (22127) | answered Jan 19 '14, 6:46 p.m.
if you are using IBM Rational Integration Adaptor, project association can be configured in RIA and then traceability between HP ALM and RTC will be able to be created and captured. I don't think there is a defined API to project association. Not sure how and what you want to acheive from command line based action but API from both product (Rational + HP ALM) certainly gives you capability to create a custom action trigger. But I guess it would be better to examine if it's worthy to invest.

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