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Update an existing work item's attribute using Perl?

Guowei Jim Hu (1.0k910353) | asked Mar 02 '09, 7:43 p.m.
We are moving to Jazz work item tracking from CQALM but the SCM is going to be primarily with ClearCase for a while.

We want to update the work item each time the bug-related code change is committed in CC. So we'll need to be able to establish a coonection from CC server to Jazz server everytime a CC commit is happening and then update one work item attribute (Comments, for instance) with the detail CC checkin info.

We are doing that now to update our CQ database with the checking info through Perl script calling CQ API functions.

Can we do the same in Jazz API or it has to be Java?
Where should I start?
Any help is appreciated.

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Guowei Jim Hu (1.0k910353) | answered Mar 07 '09, 2:32 p.m.
I guess the answer is JazzPlainJava. Modifing the sample code, I am able to write a little Java application to add comments to an existing work item. And it works on commandline as well, so no need for scripting really for now.

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