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SCM API Code Review

Arun K Sriramaiah (3.2k13477) | asked Nov 29 '13, 5:32 a.m.
retagged Dec 16 '13, 11:43 a.m. by David Lafreniere (4.8k7)
Maybe you can help with the reson for the API.

Code Review process:
1) Developers can change the files after the Work-item approved/ How to disable it?
2) Work-item have many files associated with. How can the Code Reviewer approve one file and reject other ?
3) Developers create approval for the Code Reviewer but in parallel, another developer request approval for the same file. How can I verify that the Code Reviewer get only the latest version for approval ?
4) When open a change-set to see it's files, there is an error on loading a file when the parent folder in not exist.

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Lauren Hayward Schaefer (3.3k11727) | answered Dec 03 '13, 7:31 a.m.
Hi Arun,
1.  I did a little digging around, and I couldn't find a built-in way to prevent users from changes the files after a work item has been approved.  From this forum post, it sounds like you could write a custom advisor that would do this:
2.  On my team, we either reject all or approve all.  We add comments in the work item to indicate specifics.  If the changeset is very large, the person requesting the review could request several reviews and label them (Review of Code A, Review of Code B, etc.)
3.  On our team, we review the changeset attached to the work item.  So whatever the developer attached is what gets reviewed.
4.  I'm not sure about this one.  Perhaps you could accept the changeset into your workspace and then review the file?

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