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RRC - RTC integration extension

jean-claude vauthier (22634856) | asked Nov 22 '13, 6:24 a.m.

    We have a collection of requirements in RRC and a "one to one" relationship (implemented by) between a RRC requirement and a RTC planned work item.    The collection contains only "high level" requirements that we decided to follow in a plan.
    1 - We have an "implemented by" relationship between the RRC collection and the RTC release plan
    2 - We have to create a RTC work item with a relation "implemented by" for each requirements of the RRC collection which is quite painful

    I would like to automate the second step because it is time consuming and also because people working on requirements and people working on the RTC plan  are not in the same team... not really working in an agile spirit.

   I'm looking for a mechanism which is close to the mechanism provided  by the integration between RRC and RQM, where a collection is linked to a test plan and test cases are generated in the test plan from a reconciliation mechanism.   Of course it would be nice to have suspect links, to anticipate scope creep impact on the plan, but at least an easy way to generate RTC work items the first time would be an improvement.

    Maybe someone has already developed some extension with the REST API to do part of this job.  I'm interested by any information or reusable assets which could help.




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wolfgang steindl (2061011) | answered Nov 22 '13, 8:35 a.m.
This can be done out of the box. Go to the plan and select the "Link" tab. You will see the Collection and you can open the collection by clicking the small triangle left to the collection. More left to the collection you can click the middle icon ( "Create Work Items ...").
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jean-claude vauthier (22634856) | answered Nov 22 '13, 9:19 a.m.
Oops....  sorry... I have not seen this feature.... is it available with the version 4.0.2  ?   I will double check

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