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Online Help in English

Thomas Tesche (811) | asked Nov 12 '13, 4:25 a.m.

Everytime I navigate to the official online help ( it is displayed in my national language. Since the translation is very, very odd/strange/curious: is there any chance to get the docs in english?

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Francois-xavier Panaget (58914) | answered Nov 12 '13, 4:35 a.m.
Hi Thomas,

The language of your browser should be dictating which language the help will be displaying.
If you set English as the first one in the list or the default, then the help will appear in English.

I hope this will help you.
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Francesco Chiossi (5.7k11119) | answered Nov 12 '13, 4:56 a.m.
Hello Thomas,

if you want to change the language temporarily you can also add ?lang= nl_id to the link, as follows:

and to return to your language version

See for reference and the list of nl_id:

Viewing of information in different languages

Best Regards

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