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View on a plan broken: Reference problem: Unable to find IFilterDescription with id 07755569-a7c7-499a-9f09-e130eb8557ca.

Erwin Kunz (94686986) | asked Sep 05 '13, 9:46 a.m.
edited Sep 05 '13, 9:49 a.m.

I have one view in the list displaying :Reference problem: Unable to find IFilterDescription with id 07755569-a7c7-499a-9f09-e130eb8557ca

I do not remember that I had an other view or how it was setup

Firebug :
select class="select" size="1" aria-label="View As:">
option id="_0zZngMs4EeCL8aqbjI9N5Q/">Planned Time</option>
option id="_0zZngMs4EeCL8aqbjI9N5Q/_0tX-QPHAEeG7g_96NFvuLg">Ranked List (Prio)</option>
option id="_0zZngMs4EeCL8aqbjI9N5Q/_bkX2dBUsEeOly8618L33bA">Reference problem: Unable to find IFilterDescription with id 07755569-a7c7-499a-9f09-e130eb8557ca.</option>
option id="_0zZngMs4EeCL8aqbjI9N5Q/">Roadmap</option>
option id="_0zZngMs4EeCL8aqbjI9N5Q/">Taskboard</option>
option id="_0zZngMs4EeCL8aqbjI9N5Q/_QH7TlA4hEeOVPPWKqZaHMQ">Taskboard (owner)</option>
option id="_0zZngMs4EeCL8aqbjI9N5Q/_nyAy1QAJEeO-n_UAkwhqZw">Work Breakdown</option>
The view is on all plan of this type and this team
The view is not visible in eclipse
I can not edit it and therefore not delete it
Any hint would be welcome how I could get rid of it
thank you erwin

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Kevin Ramer (4.5k8183200) | answered Sep 09 '13, 4:57 p.m.
I would suggest checking the Project Configuration / Plan / Plan Views ( it may say (unconfigured) but look anyway) Look for view definitions that are marked with a small red x.  Sometimes those get in there and deleting them helps tremendously.

Erwin Kunz commented Sep 10 '13, 2:15 a.m.

Hi Kevin
Thanks for your hint. We have a inherited process, and if this would be the issue I would see it on all Project Areas which use the same Process.


Kevin Ramer commented Sep 10 '13, 8:12 a.m.

Maybe, maybe not.  I'd still suggest that is checked.

Erwin Kunz commented Sep 11 '13, 8:03 a.m.

Sorry Kevin, forgot to mention that I followed your proposal and checked the main and the child process. All was fine.

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