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[OSLC-RM] Create Requirement in project-areas subfolder

Benjamin Röhl (120317) | asked Aug 09 '13, 8:46 a.m.
I'm trying to create a requirement in a subfolder with REST API. I've followed the instruction of that article.
When i create the resource without navigation property for parent folder, the resource is created in the root folder of the project-area.
By adding the navigation property:
<nav:parent rdf:resource="https://[host]:9443/rm/folders/[folder_id]"/>
with namespace defined at the resource beginning:
, results in a 500 Internal Server Error.

What am I missing here?

Btw: I installed the 4.0.4 RC1 version of JTS and Doors-NG.

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Rosa Naranjo (2.7k11419) | answered Aug 27 '13, 12:35 p.m.
I am not sure what you are missing or if there is a problem with the 4.0.4 RC1 driver you have.  I cover creating a requirement in a folder in a section called 'Create requirement in folder' of this blog post:

Make sure you have the proper headers for your POST request and that the rest of the body for the requirement is correct.
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Benjamin Röhl (120317) | answered Aug 28 '13, 6:13 a.m.
Thanks for your post. I started another try to fix it and I could.
In the code I set the property of the parent folder as a String and not as a URI, which resulted in a wrong serialization of the request body.

Naveen Tyagi commented Oct 01 '15, 2:53 a.m.

Hi Benjamin,
I need same in my project. i am able to create requirement using OSLC. but i want to create inside a folder if i have folderURI.
as you mentioned in your comment, i didn't  find Parent Folder property in the requirement object (i am going to create) . Apart from All there is one property requirement.setServiceProvider(URI). i tried to pass folder but that didn't work. could you please tell how can i make this happen. Thanking in advance.

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