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Does creating a TSER create TCERs for the test cases within the Test Suite?

Jason Kozar (1388) | asked Jul 22 '13, 6:53 p.m.


I am trying to report on the Not Run Test Suites and Test Cases within my project.  I can see the Test Suites that are not run because I have created a TSER for each of them but I cannot see the Test Cases that are not run.  Do I have to create a TCER for these as well?  It seems that by creating the TSER it should generate the TCERs for the test cases within it?

Any help would be appreciated.



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Paul Slauenwhite (8.3k12) | answered Jul 23 '13, 6:21 a.m.
Creating a TSER does not create a TCER for each associated test case.  However, when you run the TSER, a TCER (and Test Case Result) is created for each executed test case.  TCERs do not need to be created manually.

Jason Kozar commented Jul 23 '13, 11:50 a.m.

Thanks Paul.  Is there a way to see the number of outstanding test cases within your test suites that are not run compared to those that are run? 

Paul Slauenwhite commented Jul 24 '13, 8:21 a.m.

Hi Jason,

Unfortunately, you cannot track unexecuted test cases from the UI.  When you test suites, you would track unexecuted test suites.

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