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Notify for customized attributes of type contributor

Helen Yao (1145) | asked Jun 14 '13, 12:10 p.m.
I want to set the default owner for a specific type of work item. The built-in "owned by" cannot work as it will influence work items of all types. Thus, I created a customized attribute which is "contributor"  type. After setting one user to it, the user won't get any notification about the work item.

How shall I enable the notification on customized attribute?
Really appreciate your response.

I am using RTC 3.0.1

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Jorge Diaz (8664434) | answered Jun 14 '13, 1:11 p.m.
Have you tried a solution like described in this post?
As you mention, this will get enabled for all work items, but if using a scripted approach, you can add to the script logic to return different value depending on the time of work item for what the script is triggered.

Regarding your question, there is no way out-of-the-box for enable notification on custom contributor field. Following this path a potential approach would be to code a custom follow-up that adds the user in your custom field as subscribed to the work item automatically; then it will get notified as any other subscriber.



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