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How to configure RLIA 2.6) to run as a service on Linux.

Christopher Robinson (571917) | asked Jun 12 '13, 9:03 a.m.
I am trying to configure the RLIA (tasktop 2.6) to run as a service on Linux box.

On Windows it is installed as a service and pops-up a window with
needed UI to do any Tasktop Sync configurations and later provides a pop-up to return to normal.

On Linux, there is no way to do the similar operations.

When I get a GUI, then I need to dispose this to get back.
I can't put the GUI in the background.

I have also tried with XVBF. But when I launch using Xvbf, the display won't come.

So I am wondering how do I toggle between the tool UI and Service mode on Linux?

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Christopher Robinson (571917) | answered Jun 12 '13, 9:05 a.m.
An X Display with a GTK based desktop is required for running Tasktop Sync on a Linux machine.

They do not currently support running Tasktop Sync on a headless Linux server and have not tested running Tasktop Sync with the use of XVNC as a replacement for the standard X based desktop environments that are
normally used.

If you want to try to run Tasktop Sync on a machine with XVNC (vncserver) configured, you will also need to ensure that there is a windowing system installed (e.g. gnome) on the Linux server.

To connect to the Linux server from Windows, the admin will need to use a tool like TightVNC or RealVNC to connect to a XVNC server to provide the X Display access to the Linux server from the Windows machine where they will be able to start Tasktop Sync and manage it using the UI.

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