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RAM RTC dashboard migration from RTC 2 to RTC 4

Peter Walker (168136) | asked Apr 24 '13, 11:13 a.m.
This is in reference to the problem a customer experienced upgrading RAM to RAM which requires migrating the internally shipped RTC 2002 server to RTC 401. Refer to forum post -->

RAM Setup takes care of migrating the RTC 2002 jazz database to the ccm and jts databases using the appropriate repotools commands executed in the background to first migrate from rtc 2 to rtc3, then from rtc3 to rtc 4.

One of the snags we ran into is if the customer has used the RTC 2002 server web URL and navigated to the RAM Lifecycle project area, a dashboard is automatically created. Later the migration from rtc3 to rtc4 fails because the dashboard was not migrated during the rtc2 to rtc3 migration steps. Now the customer is stuck and can't has to restore their previous RTC jazz database (hopefully backed up) and reinstall RAM 7511.

Prior to migration, is there way programmatically (REST calls, repotools, etc.) to detect if the dashboard exists? And if so, is there a way to  delete the dashboard(s) prior to migration in order to avoid this problem?
As a workaround, Curtis d'Entremont provided a javascript that a customer could manual execute on the dashboard page prior to migration. But it would be better to handle automatically during RAM setup instead.
If there not a way to remove the dashboard using RAM Setup, how would RAM Setup migrate the dashboard(s) during the rtc2 to rtc3 migration? Can it be done via Repotools? At the point of migration, there is no running RTC 3 server... just the ccm and jts databases. The target migration is RTC 4 so the installed apps are ccm and jts on RTC 4.0.1 (not running yet at this point until database migration is complete).

Peter Walker

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Stephanie Bagot (2.1k513) | answered Jul 22 '13, 12:21 p.m.
There is no out of box configuration (repotools) that would suffice this request, but I am not able to verify what REST calls (if any) could be used. I would recommend opening up an enhancement request since this seems like a good candidate.

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