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Linking WI to files in a stream

Anuerin Diaz (4112517) | asked Dec 02 '08, 1:55 a.m.
We are finally moving our documents from ClearCase to a RTC stream so that we will have everything under one source control. We are currently looking for ways on how to define or link the work items to the documents in the repository especially if the document is considered a living document. Right now our work items are littered with attachments with various stages of these living documents.

The most user friendly option would be to do something like the work item keyword mechanism wherein specifying something like task 255 or attachment 344 would automatically convert it to a link that can be clicked to navigate to that linked item. However I don't see a way to do it with files that live in the stream.

Our options right now is to either:
1) Create a URL shortcut to the attachment so that clicking on it will access the document over the internal/external browser.
2) Use a text link (:/path/to/livingdocument) and just let the user browse over to the correct location.

Is there a more intuitive way? Would the keyword mechanism be feasible or make sense as a request for enhancement? We are already aware with the RTC->Sharepoint extension but it is not usable for our case since we will be migrating to a server that we will only have user access to.



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