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RTC 4.0.1 - Using Jenkins build from RTC - what is the property name in a build for indicating that this build is a personal build?

Donald Poulin (2249119107) | asked Mar 15 '13, 7:05 a.m.
I want to be able to determin whether the build request is a normal stream build or a personal build

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Spencer Murata (2.3k115971) | answered Mar 15 '13, 10:34 a.m.
edited Mar 15 '13, 10:37 a.m.
 Yes, you can pass the property via the Jenkins parameter.  The property name is personalBuild, but it is a string property not a boolean one.  But you should be able to manipulate it once you get it onto the Jenkins side.

EDIT:  I just realized that the 'b' wasn't capitalized, I tried again and it interprets correctly with the boolean parameter too.  So either one, but make sure its personalBuild!  The parameters are case sensitive.
~Spencer Personal Build property in Jenkins build

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Scott Cowan (966310) | answered Mar 15 '13, 9:57 a.m.
Hi Donald,

Unfortunately, there currently is no property to distinguish personal builds.  However, this feature is in the plan we are currently working on.

246731: HPI: Request a personal build from Hudson/Jenkins is a child of 252582: [CCM] Improve Jazz SCM and Build integration with Jenkins - production quality.

If you haven't seen it, the richest integration you can currently achieve with RTC 4.0.1 and Jenkins is described in

I hope this helps for now,

Scott Cowan commented Mar 15 '13, 11:38 a.m.

I stand corrected.  Spencer's answer is, of course, correct.  ;-)  After following the steps in  I was able to add a boolean value parameter, named "personalBuild", to the Jenkins job and it was properly passed into the ant task, just like buildResultUUID.  Thanks Spencer.

Donald Poulin commented Mar 15 '13, 12:27 p.m.

Great - thanks - tried it and it works

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