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RQM: Reporting on Test Artifact states (reviews)

David Castellanos (20686) | asked Feb 27 '13, 11:40 a.m.
I would like a report that shows me Test Cases by status (draft, under review, approved, rejected..) by owner. 

The idea is to report on the 'Status' field of Test Cases:
- % of test cases by status, pie chart.
- Test Case count by status, bar chart. Count on X axis, Owner on Y axis. Similar to Execution Status by Owner using Weight, except 'Status' instead of 'Execution Status' (draft/under review/approved instead of passed/failed/blocked/etc). 


I can't gather this information out of the box with RQM. (Test Cases by development state, Test case review widgets are insufficient). 
Could RRDI help generate these types of reports I'm looking for?


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