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Cross Project Reporting in RTC 4.x

bradley ebert (133) | asked Feb 14 '13, 10:01 p.m.
Hello All,

I have two scenarios that I am trying to report upon in RTC 4.x.

1) I would like to display all assigned work items (any work item type (change request, task, etc), query based on "owned by") to a single user across multiple projects.

2) I would like to display all work items (of a single show me all open change request's) in the open state across multiple projects.

In this case, the projects all share the same process (a single master process).  I would like to be able to run these queries and get the results through a web client, not the eclipse client, but if the eclipse client is my only solution, then I would be okay with that.  Any method to build these reports is acceptable, out of the box queries, birt, rrdi, etc.

Thank you all in advance for your thoughts,
Brad Ebert

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Ginny Ghezzo (33311117) | answered Feb 15 '13, 9:41 p.m.
There are some good RRDI overview videos on Youtube.  Here is a playlist :

bradley ebert commented Feb 15 '13, 11:53 p.m.

Thanks to both of you for the hint of using RRDI, I will give that a try. I have created a cross project query in RTC (eclipse client) that I created from the team area, selected a user of a team and requested all recent work.  Once the results are shown, I then edit the query, change the conditions to what I want then save the query and add to my favorites.  In eclipse this will then return all work items assigned to me regardless of project area, very nice query.  Then, in my user dashboard (web client), I add a widget that runs this query, I select the query that it was stored against (a particular project) and when I run the query here, I get all of the work items by numeric count (lets say 10 work items), but only three show the data, those associated with the Project Area during widget configuration.  The other 7 are listed but with no data showing, however if you hover over the blank lines (actually represented as a "-" sign), then I can get hover information from the other projects.  Seems very strange, either show all the data from all projects or don't show it at all, should I report this as a defect?

Thank you,

Geoffrey Clemm commented Feb 17 '13, 5:32 p.m.

Modifying the built-in "all current work" query is a hack that let's you do some kind of cross-project queries (I use it myself :-) ... but (mis)using the all-current-work query in this fashion is not a supported feature.   So you can expect to see anomalies like the one you've been seeing.

Ginny Ghezzo commented Feb 18 '13, 9:05 a.m.

Thanks Geoff.  
Brad: Sorry I can't be of any help on this question.  I was not aware what you did was even possible and always recommended RRDI for this function.   It does shed some light on some queries and worth me looking at this "hack"

Vladimir Amelin commented Feb 18 '13, 10:30 a.m.

Another way to avoid designing reports is to use Reportable REST API. You can open xml in spreadsheet app and work with results further.

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Francesco Chiossi (5.7k11119) | answered Feb 15 '13, 4:37 a.m.
Hello Brad,

I think both should be possible with RRDI:

1) You can get the data on Work Items from "Operational Data Store > Request Area > Request" in the data model and filter on the column "Owner Name"

2) Always from "Operational Data Store > Request Area > Request" you can filter on the columns "Request Type" and "Request Status"

The data returned will be for all projects that the JTS user running the report has access to in RTC.
You can run the reports from the RRDI Web UI or import them in RTC.

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