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Possible to automatically create custom Team Area Queries on Team Area creation ?

Christophe Lucas (86224948) | asked Feb 13 '13, 11:29 p.m.
When you create a RTC Process Template, it is possible to include in the template the automatic creation of a set of queries (e.g. 'All Project Area Issues'), so whenever a Project Area is created based on that Process Template, that set of queries is automatically created.

Is it possible to achieve the same automation when creating a new Team Area (and associated Work Item Category) within an existing Project Area, i.e. when creating a new Team Area, a set of queries listing e.g. *only* 'All Issues filed against that Team Area/Category' would be created ?
- either in the Process Configuration or programatically -

John Goodson commented Mar 06 '15, 11:15 a.m.

 Hoping anyone has some comment on this. I am trying to do the same here. 

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Martha (Ruby) Andrews (3.0k44251) | answered Mar 09 '15, 12:58 p.m.
It may be possible to do this by creating a follow up action for the Save Team Area (server) operation. In that action, you would need to check whether the Team Area is new (ie this is the first save) and create the Work Item Queries if so. This would require writing your own, custom follow up action; there is not one that ships with CLM.

Martha (Ruby) Andrews
Jazz Foundation L3 Development Team Lead

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Ken Tessier (84117) | answered Mar 06 '15, 5:06 p.m.
 I think you can do this by configuring the Project Area Initialization on the Process Configuration tab of the Process Template editor.  You can add the Create Team Areas server follow-up action to specify the team areas that should be created upon project area initialization.  You can add the Setup Project server follow-up action to specify a set of work items to be created.  For each work item template, you can use the Category Path field to have the work item assigned to a team area.  Finally, you can add the Run Work Item Query client follow-up action so that users see the set of work items assigned to their team when they login to the client.


John Goodson commented Mar 06 '15, 6:38 p.m.

Thanks for the response Ken. The problem is I don't have all of the sub teams at Project Initialization time (in fact I don't even control that as it is provisioned by our admins). I wanted to add a trigger after a manual team creation. I will see if I can try some of these and get something working.

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