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IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery

Extend agile development to enable enterprise DevOps

IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery 2.0

Product Release Trial | October 30, 2012

About the download:

IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery helps development teams to deploy and test software in a production-like environment in a straightforward, repeatable way.

Download IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery
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Plan and prepare

IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery (SCD) leverages cloud technology to drive deployments. Your first step in setting up SCD is to choose your cloud platform. SCD comes with entitlement to IBM SmartCloud Provisioning, which turns your virtualization environment into a Platform as a Service powerhouse. SCD also works with IBM Workload Deployer and IBM PureApplication System.

Learn more about IBM SmartCloud Provisioning 2.1.
Learn more about IBM Workload Deployer 3.1.
Learn more about IBM PureApplication System.

Configure the Continuous Delivery Library Server Pattern

When you download the Launchpad, it will walk you through setting up the server environment for SCD. Several script packages will be inserted into your cloud catalog and a cloud pattern will be defined for the Library.

The Library is used by the Continuous Delivery process to store and retrieve artifacts that are produced from your builds. In addition to application artifacts, your infrastructure artifacts can also be managed by the Library.

Configure Your Client

SCD extends Rational Team Concert to make it easier to leverage the cloud in your development process. SCD adds additional functionality to see the patterns and instances you've deployed in the cloud. You'll install these extensions directly from the Launchpad into your existing Rational Team Concert client.

No client? No worries, the Launchpad will help you setup a new RTC client installation and then add the extensions.

Onboard Your Applications

All set up? Let's get started with some applications! Take a look at the tutorials to set up a continuous delivery process for your sample applications.