Test Builder Technology Preview (Rational Quality Manager) 6.0.6

Product Release / Trial | June 18, 2018

Test Builder is a view you can use to quickly create and edit test cases. You open the view from the Test Cases section of the test plan editor. This view is currently a technology preview, which means it is an early release that is only available with this download.


  1. Download the ZIP file below.
  2. Place the ZIP file in the CLM installation path, in this directory: /server/conf/qm/patch (Create the 'patch' folder if it doesn't exist.)
  3. Restart the CLM server.
  4. Go to a Rational Quality Manager project area and open or create a test plan.
  5. Open the Test Cases section.
  6. Click the Tests Builder button to open the view.
  7. Provide feedback in Provide feedback for Test Builder technology preview (171486).
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