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April 23, 2019

IBM Rational Team Concert

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Rational Team Concert 3.0

Product Release / Trial | November 23, 2010
This is not the most recent version. We recommend Rational Team Concert . This is made available for archival purposes and may contain bugs and/or security vulnerabilities. If you do download this version, it is being provided AS IS, without warranties of any kind, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. We strongly advise you review the support pages for this version and update the product or take actions recommended therein. Security bulletins contain instructions for the security vulnerability addressed therein, and may require upgrading to a newer version. Link to security vulnerability blog: IBM PSIRT blog.

Rational Team Concert 3.0 Release Notes

The following notes detail issues in the Rational Team Concert 3.0 release (November 23, 2010) that users and consumers of Rational Team Concert should be aware of. Please ensure that you also read the Jazz Foundation 3.0 Release Notes.

Must install new clients and tools if upgrading

If you are upgrading your server from any previous milestone or release before 3.0 RC2, you must also upgrade any associated clients and tools to the versions included with this release. Note that 3.0 IDE-based clients (Client for Eclipse IDE and Client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE) can only connect to a server running 3.0 RC2 or later. Additionally, clients from milestones prior to 3.0 RC2 and previous releases (e.g. Team Concert 2.x) cannot connect to a 3.0 server.

Must upgrade WebSphere Application Server OEM Edition for z/OS v7.0 to Fixpack 3

If Rational Team Concert 3.0 is used on z/OS with WebSphere Application Server OEM Edition for z/OS v7.0, the WAS OEM installation must be upgraded to Fixpack 3 ( This update is made available on the All Downloads tab.

APARs and RFEs addressed in this release

The RTC APARs dashboard shows the APARs fixed in this release.

The RTC RFEs dashboard shows the RFEs addressed in this release.

Consult the Jazz Foundation 3.0 Release Notes for issues addressed in Jazz Foundation as part of Rational Team Concert 3.0.

Unable to add RTC 3.0 My Projects dashboard viewlet in RRC

There is an integration issue between Rational Requirements Composer and Rational Team Concert 3.0. Any attempt to add a My Projects dashboard viewlet for an RTC 3.0 server in RRC will result in a "Loading..."" message that never goes away. This defect is being addressed in RRC and is tracked in the RRC work item 33952.

Internal system error when adding RTC 3.0 "My Work Item Changes" viewlet to RQM

Defect 139285 documents an integration issue between RTC 3.0 and RQM where adding the My Work Item Changes viewlet for an RTC 3.0 server to a dashboard in RQM when the RTC and RQM server are not configured to use single sign-on authentication. This defect will be addressed in a future maintenance release and is likely also an issue when the server hosting the dashboard is RRC or RQM (and single sign-on is not being used). The following workaround can be used to address this issue until the defect is fixed:

After adding the viewlet:

  • Open viewlet settings
  • Replace the ${server-URL} variable in the URL with the actual server URL of the CCM server. e.g.
  • Replace the ${current_user} variable at the end of the URL with your user id, e.g. "curtispd"
  • Save settings

Using this example, the the URL starts out as: ${server-URL}/service/${current_user} and is then modified to be

Adding an "Implemented by" in RRC may be very slow or may crash when the friends configuration is broken

If you attempt to add an Implemented by link to an RTC 3.0 server from an RRC server when the servers do not have friends relationships, the RRC Eclipse client may hang or taking an extremely long time to respond. This can only happen when the friends configuration was correct at one stage and the project areas were linked and the friends relationship was later removed. The RRC work item 34724 tracks the effort to improve the error handling in RRC to detect the broken system configuration.