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April 23, 2019

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Product Release / Trial | March 30, 2012
This is not the most recent version. We recommend Rational Team Concert . This is made available for archival purposes and may contain bugs and/or security vulnerabilities. If you do download this version, it is being provided AS IS, without warranties of any kind, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. We strongly advise you review the support pages for this version and update the product or take actions recommended therein. Security bulletins contain instructions for the security vulnerability addressed therein, and may require upgrading to a newer version. Link to security vulnerability blog: IBM PSIRT blog.

Rational Team Concert Release Notes

Rational Team Concert Release Notes

This release is a service release of Rational Team Concert, Version 3.0.1. It contains fixes for customer reported and internally found defects. See the Getting Started page for information on documentation and support resources, software and hardware requirements, and installation or upgrade steps.

The following notes detail important fixes and issues in the release of Rational Team Concert. Please ensure that you also read the Jazz Foundation, Version Release Notes, the Rational Requirements Composer, Version Release Notes, and the Rational Quality Manager, Version Release Notes.

Fixes included in this release

The Version release of Rational Team Concert delivers APAR and non-APAR defect fixes. To review and explore completed work, see the Rational Team Concert development dashboard and the Collaborative Lifecycle Management development dashboard.

View this query for a list of detailed fixes (non-APAR) for this release.


View this query for a detailed list of APARs fixed for this release.

APAR Summary Work Item
PM56625 In the Eclipse client, the comments for change set links in work items are rendered with the phrase <No Comment> replacing the original comment in the print view. 192172
PM57496 The Rational Team Concert OSLC REST service for HTTPConnector does not follow redirects. Instead, the service returns "400 Bad Request." 193423
PM52640 In the web client, enumeration attribute fields cannot be edited when they are used with the custom attributes layout. 185484
PM57444 In the web client, the risk matrix is not displayed unless the risk impact and probability enumerations have the IDs of "impact" and "probability." 194703
PM53878 In the history of a work item, the Empty Comment feature does not work as expected. 195994
PM53524 When work items are imported from CSV files, parent links might be lost. 195278
PM53189 In the Money That Matters sample, clicking the ChangeManagementType binding returns a null pointer exception in WorkItemConfigRestService#getOSLCConfigurations(). 189228
PM57872 Rational ClearCase Synchronization with Rational Team Concert fails with a null pointer exception because of the view private files. 201496
SE50946 In Rational Team Concert on the IBM i platform, when you change the type on a source member (CC0101R), the changes are not copied to iSeries during the build process. 180760
PM52809 In Rational Team Concert on System z, you cannot store dependency build maps because the plug-in uses a deprecated HTTP client that cannot get through the firewall. 185491
PM52996 UIf the project area contains special characters, a valid Microsoft Project XML file cannot be imported to Rational Team Concert Planning. 186193
PM53969 When you create a work item, pre-filled custom attributes in OSLC-CM delegated work item windows are not saved. 187332
PM53472 In Rational Team Concert on z/OS, the dependency build times out at the compile stage while loading buildable files. 188038
PM54291 Internet Explorer 8 returns _this.editNode is null for HTML attributes that are used to present work items. 188476
PM42769, PM54330 In Rational Team Concert Client for Visual Studio IDE, the associate work item window does not default to the current project area. 188862
PM54421 When you import from an SVN dump to Rational Team Concert SCM, some folders are missing from the import wizard. 188887
PM55113 In Rational Team Concert on z/OS, a ConcurrentModificationException is thrown when two or more unfreed DDs exist at the end of a lang def macro execution. 189646
PM30641 If a project area has an SCM component that uses a default name and the SCM server advanced property "Encourage component names to be unique" is set to "true," project creation fails while the project area is initialized. 191265
PM56434 Missing icons for work item DataSourceValueProviders cause 404 errors in the browser. 191707
PM61557 When you load large plans in Internet Explorer 8, stop script errors occur. 191735
PM54891 In the Rational Team Concert source control command line interface, 'lscm status' shows an incorrect flow target until the SCM daemon is restarted. 192893
PM57755 In Japanese, the translation of the Created By column in the Work Items Attachment section is incorrect. 194030
PM02329, PM0216 If a work item is planned to an iteration that belongs to a team area that is associated with a different timeline, the work item is not displayed in the query. 195428
PM56990 In the Eclipse client, in the Plan editor, nothing happens when you click a change set link in the Planned Items view. 197897
PM56912 In the Eclipse client, the Remove story point progress (size) option is removed from the Planning UI. That option is in the web client only. 197898
PM57493 Planning story point reports show incorrect results due to an incorrect literal ID. 197972
PM59467 An NPE is thrown when read access permission is not given in a z/OS dependency build. 198421
PM59343 SVN import error: "An internal error occurred during: 'Import from SVN'" 199398
PM54857 Build Forge integration's handling of ServiceExceptions is not resilient. 198835
PM57224 Build Forge integration does not work with SSL enabled. 198834
PM51067 SCM command line tool hangs when user's home directory is full on z/OS. 196208
PM54606 Performance issues with Rational Team Concert Build Feed Item Query. 191568
PM53267 Not able to open any plan items from plan view widget added to personal dashboard. 190484
PM49422 Browser becomes unresponsive when viewing Plans in Gantt view. 179322

Known problems and workarounds

The Rational Team Concert Technotes query lists the known issues and workarounds in this version.