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March 22, 2018

IBM Rational Build Forge

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Rational Build Forge 7.1.2

Product Release / Trial | October 29, 2010
This is not the most recent version. We recommend Rational Build Forge . This is made available for archival purposes and may contain bugs and/or security vulnerabilities. If you do download this version, it is being provided AS IS, without warranties of any kind, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. We strongly advise you review the support pages for this version and update the product or take actions recommended therein. Security bulletins contain instructions for the security vulnerability addressed therein, and may require upgrading to a newer version. Link to security vulnerability blog: IBM PSIRT blog.

Rational Build Forge 7.1.2 Release Notes

The following sections describe changes and issues in IBM® Rational® Build Forge® 7.1.2 and IBM Rational Automation Framework for WebSphere® 7.1.2 to be aware of.

APARs that are fixed in Rational Build Forge

The following APARs are fixed in this Rational Build Forge release. Asterisks (*) indicate APARs that were fixed since the last milestone. For a table showing only the APARs that were fixed since the last milestone, see the New & Noteworthy page.



PK69245The BF_AGENT_VERSION selector variable is not available in the drop down list for selectors
PK77149DOC: Pause engine documentation should explain that UI updates are still possible
PK805797.1 Installation Guide doesn't describe how to include BF in system startup
PK81563SQL constraint error when deleting an environment after clobbering a project that had a schedule.
PK82938Serial inline steps do not wait for their parent step to complete before executing
PK83147Document how .load uses and assigns access groups
PK84058Disabled steps are checked while grayed out under Start Project, Job Steps when all steps selected via "Step Name" checkbox.
PK84739Build Forge Monitor: The wrong step log gets displayed when choosing a step.
PK85272Timeout in UI for selecting project to run in schedule with lots (~1900) projects to choose from
PK85374BF_LOADFACTOR listed under selector variables, but no documentation is present. Possibly entry is BF_LOADRATIO
PK86284BF 7.1.1 - Project step overview pane does not show/remember Inline/Chain/ Icons for none Root users
PK87218The environment doesn't reflect the change if the project is executed from schedule
PK89068The locale entry in the bfagent.conf file does not update the LC_... and LANG variables properly
PK94471Documentation for setting Database Size Threshold not available under help.
PK95229Build Forge Management Console Service does not start automatically
PK96536Recreating the rbf-services directory fails to make flex files executable
PK98331Installer throws error "The database was not created with the UTF8 character set." - Should say AL32UTF8
PK98413Doc defect BuildForge online help documentation includes screenshots from previous versions
PK99230CDL - .bset selector doesn't work as doc
PM01169When using format strings for a user's date\time format quick reports shows format strings for time
PM01292Restarting build with steps loaded via .load from external source 7.0.2 format will fail, "could not load command"
PM01741Screen reader enabled causes jobs to flash
PM01838Copying access groups in build forge does not copy subgroups
PM01859Failed adapter link runs spawn a start on purge project
PM01985.load fails to work with $CLEARCASE_VIEW variable
PM02321Build Forge Users with snapshot entries under DB2 backend cannot be removed under
PM03157Missing expected character "[" at byte 0 - found ""
PM03189BF - when using _USE_BFCREDS, we try to pull the LDAP domain from the wrong field
PM03317BF 7.1.1.x - Some Special notification template variables not populated
PM03483.bset fails to populate VAR when using a line ranges/ ERROR: .bset env attempt to set a blank variable name to value ERROR Data entries must be specified in pairs
PM04098Navigation Bar and Displayed Results Sometimes Do Not Agree
PM04160Unable to reflect daylight time for Auckland timezone
PM04161Misspelling the name of Auckland timezone
PM04232Update the documentation to support online DB backups
PM04358Build Forge 7.0.x management console cannot be accessed after 7.1.1.x installation
PM04449Servers->Max Jobs can't be set blank, gets reset to "6" on save
PM05621CDL - The Source Changes category of the BOM is empty in Adaptor JazzSCMv2 step on RTC
PM05906BF 7.1.1.x - BF does not pickup LDAP changes to the user's e-mail details.
PM06199Cannot edit library, clicking on "Edit this Library" button does nothing.
PM06562UI doesn't list all references to access group making deletion of group very difficult
PM06666Build Forge RTC plugin may leave connections to the Build Forge services layer in a wait state
PM06675BF Fails to Clean Up Job Status After Engine Hangs, Comm Errors, DB Timeouts
PM06768Restart of threaded while steps are not numbered correctly
PM06882Without hard_job_limit set scheduled jobs queue up and can't be removed
PM06888The page over panels for drop down lists do not appear for Japanese language users
PM06962The .push command fails if the filename has trailing spaces
PM07047BF 7.1.1.x - Large amount of system messages can make the GUI unusable
PM07081Adding a user to a large number of groups renders the user inaccessible when using Oracle
PM07085BF_D substituion partially fails when using alpha date fields
PM07103The underbar '_' character does not work in UI filters using DB2
PM07463BF: Live viewing is causing the screen to jump
PM07531Buildforge uninstall Via Installation Manager will remove JDK and other deployed apps in shared Tomcat server space
PM07623BF - Jobs with semaphores hang when the (server) Max Jobs is lower than the Run Queue Size.
PM07745Schedules page does no honor access group memberships
PM07758bomexport exports custom BOM categories meshed together
PM07761Regression in 7.1.x of defect RATLC01292700 - The .bset command does not honor the step timeout
PM08026CDL - Stopping agent when step in the waiting state makes step hang on windows
PM08123Post-install documentation does not properly describe integration with RTC 2.x
PM08362Purge Job need to run in parallel
PM08625Refresh manifest button is misleading
PM08811doc defect: Manifest Refeshes manifest immediately
PM08885UI Defect: Unable to toggle from "Display All" back to "Auto Paginate"
PM08890Buildforge online help: Management Console Navigation menu missing "What's New (PDF)" sub topic
PM09025Install Guide Lacks Clarity Regarding Need to be Administrator
PM09174Selector includes do not reflect the actual value
PM09417CDL Dot command .set can only change the env variable of default snapshot of env group
PM09826Adaptor expands hidden environment variables showing raw text in step logs
PM09907When a job dies, BF_EXCLUSIVE and BF_RESERVE are not cleared.
PM09924start on entry of a library fails to set the libraries selector properly
PM10396Help Doc Defect
PM10652.drill is unable to drill through variables that have values of commands or paths that contain spaces
PM10760Schedule's Next Calculated run value displays one hour earlier than intended(
PM10947Build Forge documentation does not describe access group newly assigned to collectors/schedules during migration
*PM11046*Build Forge Solaris agent does not upgrade via pkgadd -d
PM11094BF 7.1.1.x - Build Forge European time off by -1 hour after DST change
PM11147Adapter steps with Kanji and Win chcp 932 error out with - CLI0109E String data right truncation. SQLSTATE=22001
PM11353UI is unresponsive for 5+ minutes after clicking execute
PM11493Creating a new snapshot does not take you into the created artifact, or fill in the details pane with the base snapshot name
PM11545Build performance is 10x faster on MySQL vs DB2
PM11562Messages performance times out with a large number - 300k+ - on DB2
PM115907.1.1.x CQ integration on *NIX - Error communicating with ClearQuest, invalid record id returned - got [%s]
PM12056Assign Hidden documentation does not give full details
PM12068Build Forge Step log labeling does not require echo command.
PM12167Page jump functionality does not work
PM12169Build Forge project level pass/fail chain do not run if project complete with warning
PM12175Job Purging Fails When Server is Renamed
PM12205BF 7.1.1.x - Inconsistent Base Snapshot User and Created behaviour, and the content displayed is incorrect
PM12480Schedules were processing inconsistently with large number of schedules and/or access groups
PM12672Environments which name includes "BF_" can't be edited on project start page
PM13155Snapshot "save" button is enabled without the "Create Snapshot" permission
PM13237When a non System Manager user changes language setting the error API: Access denied: Security appears
PM13241IE 7 double byte language "Display All"/"Auto Paginate" Link on Jobs log page is hidden under "Purge Job" button.
PM13351Step shows --Default-- without a selector, however --Default-- is not present in the drop down
PM13442Unable to run a job when you change a pull down var that contains back slashes "\"
PM13458Projects copied do not propagate project/steps notes
PM13864unable to copy imported projects from 7.0.2.x when pass/fail notify access group is set to blank
PM13927Message and BOM rendering times out when message counts are high on Oracle
PM13964The BF_CALLER variables are missing from a start on entry project
PM14460Class purge schedules are not honored, builds purge automatically via Purge Check Time
PM14581Updating RUN_AS in the buildforge script does not change the start as user for Apache & Tomcat
PM14869Initial connection to agent from engine is brittle
PM14980The _LOG variable causes error - Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'bf_severity'
PM151397.0.2.x API documentation should clarify that SelectorID equals the name of the selector
*PM15841*BF 7.1 en_US templates are entered using Japanese text during schema creation.
PM15873Step under .load file fail with Unable to create selector [] if selector is configured
PM15917incomplete fix of RATLC01306478 - Update the documentation to support online DB backups
PM16254Build Forge Pull down lists do not expand environment variables within
PM17531Prevent bfagent From Hanging When No Quit Message is Received
PM17917BF PHP error with - undefined index: envsync
PM17971BF PHP error with - undefined variable: prefs
PM19306BF_RESERVE and BF_EXCLUSIVE in a step's selector cause the inline lib to fail
*PM20665*One project step is getting the EXEC portion results from another step intermittently
*PM20969*Read time out error when attempting to view messages
*PM21260*Pull Down variables with 50+ values can not be fully edited
*PM22449*%path% is undefined variables in bfagent although 7.0.2 can use it

APARs that are fixed in Rational Automation Framework for WebSphere

The following APARs are fixed in this Rational Automation Framework for WebSphere release.



PM11023Inability to control exclusion of directories during deployment with RAFW
PM14601Cannot import existing WAS 6.0 configuration when variables with a null variable exist.
PM15117WebSphere variables with new line characters in the description field are not properly handled in RAFW.
PM16035RAFW fails to ignore nested excluded directories during initial transfer.
PM16271RAFW fails to parse values with spaces passed to -opt.
PM16753Double quotes are being stripped when properties are imported to RAFW.
PM18560Import of Portal configuration fails.
PM19624BF RAFW : Existing cell wizard doesn't create unique names for multiple web servers on a single node.
PM19766Empty string options "" in app deploy properties are stripped before passing the set to wsadmin.
PM19999Username/passwords passed to wsadmin from RAFW appear unencoded/unencrypted in logs.
PM20051When using IHS to route requests to the RAFW web application in WAS, some browsers render the page as text.
PM21852was_common_configure_server_classloader fails on index error: index out of range: 1.
PM24255Unable to push security configuration information: the alias attribute of an existing SSLConfig object has the same value.

Known issues

Upgrade fails with error "Invalid object name '<SCHEMA>.BF_SYSCONFIG'" when testing connection to Microsoft SQL Server

When you initially install Rational Build Forge to use a Microsoft SQL Server database, a pre-installation step that you need to perform is to create a schema in the database. If this step is skipped, Microsoft SQL Server does not complain on installation that the provided schema does not exist. Instead, it creates the Rational Build Forge tables under the user's default schema, "dbo." When you upgrade Rational Build Forge, the installer attempts to read the buildforge.conf file and the previous installation's user entries to fill in the Database Configuration page that is part of the upgrade. If the Microsoft SQL Server is using the dbo schema instead of the previously provided value, when you click the Test connection button on the Database Configuration page, you get this error:

Unable to execute the test query on the target database, please check with your database administrator
Invalid object name '<SCHEMA>.BF_SYSCONFIG'.

To continue the upgrade, in the Database Configuration page of the upgrade process, set the value of "Database Schema name" to "dbo." You can then use the Test connection button successfully. Changing the value also updates the buildforge.conf and installer meta data with the correct value for the database schema.

A build with inline steps does not retain the BF_RESERVE setting on a server

BF_RESERVE is now a manifest property. This manifest property is used in two ways:

  • To properly report the actual load on a server based on how many of the job slots are reserved
    (The Max Jobs property determines the number of job slots.)
  • To ensure a build has access to a server for the duration of the build, even if some steps run on other servers

If a build has inline steps, Rational Build Forge is not able to reserve a job slot on the server. As a result, the build could be forced to wait for time on the server and thus finish later than expected.

Multiple server definitions for a single host can cause Failed status and jobs that cannot be canceled

Assume you have configured Rational Build Forge to use multiple build server objects for a single physical host. Running multiple concurrent builds, even if the jobs are not resource-intensive, can overtax the agent process on the physical server. As a result, the defined build servers could go offline and not be available for the selection process.

If the agent fails in this situation, the jobs on that server might hang. If the jobs do hang, the system prevents you from canceling them.

Case-insensitive searching produces an error

Users who have their Searching property set to Case Insensitive and attempt to access the Job Audit Log see a message of the following form:

SQL Query Failure:[org.apache.commons.dbcp.DelegatingPreparedStatement@41fe41fe] => [ DB2 SQL error: SQLCODE: -440, SQLSTATE: 42884, SQLERRMC: UPPER;FUNCTION]

To avoid this issue, change the Searching property for the user to Case Sensitive.

SQL Error: ORA-02095: specified initialization parameter cannot be modified

Running the command ALTER SYSTEM SET processes=500 SCOPE=BOTH; against Oracle 10.2g might produce the following message:

SQL Error: ORA-02095: specified initialization parameter cannot be modified

If you do see this message, use the command ALTER SYSTEM SET processes=500 SCOPE=SPFile; instead.

Upgrading Rational Build Forge and changing license servers can affect performance

On Microsoft Windows and Linux, if you upgrade Rational Build Forge and change the license server, Rational Build Forge continues to use the original license server. As a result, you see license errors and user operations, such as logging in, are very slow.

To overcome this issue, complete these steps.

Note: Completing these steps might affect how other Rational products perform.

  • Windows: Remove the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/FLEXlm License Manager registry setting
  • Linux: Remove the .flexlmrc file in the user's home directory

BridgeServlet message when attempting to access the help means cache is out-of-date

If you attempt to access the help and get an error message that includes a reference to the BridgeServlet, it means that Tomcat has an out-of-date cache for BuildForgeHelp. To correct the problem, clear the Tomcat cache for BuildForgeHelp.

  1. Stop Build Forge.
  2. Delete this directory:
    • Windows
    • UNIX or Linux
  3. Start Build Forge.

Scheduling works with dates only in the next 12 months

With the Schedules item in the left menu, you can set jobs to start in the future. Rational Build Forge accepts dates beyond the next 12 months; however, the actual scheduling works with dates only in the next 12 months.

FULLNORMALLOG and TAILNORMALLOG variable values are not included in notification emails

The notification template variables FULLNORMALLOG and TAILNORMALLOG should provide complete or partial logs in notification emails. However, these variables do not produce the specified output in this release.

Login page is not available on the Turkish version of Microsoft Windows XP

The login page for Rational Build Forge is not available on the Turkish version of Microsoft Windows XP because of an issue with the C:\Program Files\IBM\Build Forge\Apache\tomcat\webapps\BuildForgeHelp\WEB-INF\launch.ini file.

Uncomment this line in the file for the login page to be available:

Rational Build Forge documentation corrections and known issues

Each section that follows is a corrected version of a section of the same name in the information center.

Prerequisite to enable WAS for Build Forge SSL and password encryption

Path in the information center
Installing and upgrading
> Configuring additional features in Management Console
> Integration with other products
> WebSphere integrations
> Using WebSphere Application Server instead of Apache Tomcat
> Prerequisite to enable WAS for Build Forge SSL and password encryption

(Replaced the entire section.)

If you plan to enable SSL for Rational Build Forge, you must first complete these steps:

  1. Set the following property on the WebSphere Application Server computer that hosts the Rational Build Forge services component.
    • Windows
    • UNIX or Linux
  2. Restart WebSphere Application Server.

If you plan to enable password encryption for Rational Build Forge, you must first complete these steps:

  1. Set the following property on the WebSphere Application Server computer that hosts the Rational Build Forge services component.
    • Windows
    • UNIX or Linux
  2. Restart WebSphere Application Server.

NOTE: If you are using both SSL and password encryption you must set both of these properties on the WebSphere Application Server computer that hosts the Rational Build Forge services component.

Web client requirements

Path in the information center
Installing and upgrading
> Requirements
> Web client requirements

(Removed Internet Explorer version 6. Added Internet Explorer version 8. Added the Note about cookies.)

These browsers are supported:

  • Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8: Enable ActiveX controls; otherwise, the console server host must be added to the Trusted Sites list. (In the browser, click Tools > Internet Options > Security.) Note that Windows 2003 disables ActiveX controls by default.
  • Mozilla Firefox version 3.x

Note: To access the management console, cookies must be enabled in your web browser. To enable cookies, follow the instructions provided by your web browser.

Tuning parameters recommended for Oracle

Path in the information center
Installing and upgrading
> Pre-installation setup
> Database setup
> Oracle setup
> Tuning parameters recommended for Oracle

(Added the Note in the first step.)

  • Set the tuning parameters. Run the following commands:

    ALTER SYSTEM SET open_cursors=1000 SCOPE=BOTH

    Note: If you get the message "SQL Error: ORA-02095: specified initialization parameter cannot be modified" when you run ALTER SYSTEM SET processes=500 SCOPE=BOTH, use ALTER SYSTEM SET processes=500 SCOPE=SPFile instead.

    See Oracle documentation for more information about the effects of these settings.

  • Restart the database server. This step is required in order to put the parameters into effect. Be sure there are no sessions running on the database first.

System configuration settings

Path in the information center
> Administration
> System configuration settings

(Changed the Reset Interface Templates setting name to Reset Adaptor Templates.)

Reset Adaptor Templates Use this setting to reset the adaptor templates (to copy changes from an update into your configuration). To use the setting, set the value to "Yes", and then wait one minute. The system resets the templates, and then sets the value back to "No."

Using plug-ins for Eclipse and Rational Application Developer

Path in the information center
> IDE integrations
> Plug-ins for Eclipse and Rational Application Developer
> Using plug-ins for Eclipse and Rational Application Developer

(Shortened step 3 and added step 4.)

To access launch jobs and view project logs (Frequency plug-in):

  1. Within your IDE, select Window > Open Perspective > Other.
  2. Select the Build Forge perspective. The perspective includes these windows:
    • Console Explorer
    • Build Info
    • Build Log
  3. Right-click Console Explorer and select New Console to configure a connection to a Management Console.
  4. Enter a hostname or IP address in Build Forge Services Layer Hostname, verify or edit the other fields, and click OK.

Condition functions

Path in the information center
> Working with steps
> Controlling execution flow
> Condition functions

(Updated description of the contains function to match the changed behavior. Before 7.1.2, the contains(a,b) function would return true if string a is found in string b. Starting with 7.1.2, the function returns true if string a contains string b.)

Returns true if string a contains string b. The a and b parameters can be literal strings or variables. Literal strings should not be quoted. If literal strings are quoted, the quotes become part of the string that is evaluated.

"Reference" online help topic is missing the "Legal notices" content

Languages affected: All languages other than English (en)

Topics affected:
Reference > Legal notices

The "Legal notices" content is not available through the "Reference" topic. For notices, see Overview > Notices.

Untranslated topics

  • "Getting started with the help" online help topic and its subtopics are in English

    Languages affected: Spanish (es), Traditional Chinese (zh_TW)

    Topics affected:
    Using the help > Getting started with the help (and all its subtopics)

  • The Überblick über das Hilfesystem online help topic subsection Hilfethemen is in English

    Language affected: German (de)

Links to "Show Me" videos do not work

Languages affected: German (de), Japanese (ja), Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR), Simplified Chinese (zh_CN)

Topics affected:
Using the help > Getting started with the help > Help system features
Using the help > Getting started with the help > Finding help content

The two topics have links labeled "Show Me" that do not properly link to a demonstration video.