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March 22, 2018

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Product Release / Trial | April 8, 2011
This is not the most recent version. We recommend Rational Build Forge . This is made available for archival purposes and may contain bugs and/or security vulnerabilities. If you do download this version, it is being provided AS IS, without warranties of any kind, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. We strongly advise you review the support pages for this version and update the product or take actions recommended therein. Security bulletins contain instructions for the security vulnerability addressed therein, and may require upgrading to a newer version. Link to security vulnerability blog: IBM PSIRT blog.

Rational Build Forge Release Notes

The page mentions fixes and issues in IBM® Rational® Build Forge® and IBM Rational Automation Framework for WebSphere® to be aware of.

APARs that are fixed in Rational Build Forge

The following fixed APARs are included in this Rational Build Forge release.



PM01859 Regression: Failed adapter link runs spawn a start on purge project
PM27183 Install of BF 7.1.2 re-writes user's customized httpd.conf file
PM27223 Document: .date resets on every SET (see notes)
PM27968 Removing a LDAP user from BuildForge before user's jobs are purged causes purging to fail
PM28506 Build Forge installation documentation does not indicated location of startup file under Unix/Linux
PM28529 BF 7.1.2 limits number of access groups to <= 1000
PM28731 Doc Defect: step condition function contains(a,b) testing condition backwards
PM28899 If server path set to "C:\", working directory is set to "C:\Windows\system32"
PM29612 export projects w/ pass/fail chains from 7.0.2 BFMC fail to set during import into
PM29655 Vulnerability issue: session id can be stolen due to http's get method
PM30095 .drill fails with whitespace at the end of the line.
PM30768 BF_EXCLUSIVE can not be worked correctly if many jobs starts at the same time
PM30805 Missing bf_buildenv_id in bf_cron table from 7.0.2->> migration results in incorrect display of schedules
PM31796 Docs incompatibility: BF 7.1.2 supports or doesn't support Power 7
PM31830 All Audit Messages Are Owned by System Regardless of User Who Performed Operation
PM31935 BF 7.1.2.x Docs - Missing notification around customers upgrading from 7.1.1.x won't be able to see step-log data
PM32561 Unable to remove database entries for [username] due to build semaphore
PM32563 Jobs suddenly got hang and remained in "waiting" status.
PM32626 SSL communication with password encryption between the MC and UNIX agents fails
PM33071 .load command does not display environment variable correctly in the step log
PM33357 Build Forge restarting adaptor link project builds runs adaptor as new step
PM34586 Build Forge LDAP permissions missing under new installation with Oracle database

APARs that are fixed in Rational Automation Framework for WebSphere

The following fixed APARs are included in this Rational Automation Framework for WebSphere release.



PM27852 was_common_configure_server_all fails against nodeagent server
PM29108 was_common_configure_jaas in import mode fails with an out of memory error
PM29606 RAFW - targetting multiple cluster members with -s Member1,Member2,... results in: ...\variables.xml cannot be read
PM30280 RAFW does not properly resolve the parent provider for JMS activation specs
PM30286 Password validation fails in Environment Generation Wizard during Environment Generation
PM30289 was_common_configure_server_entries Promote fails when the serverEntries.xml on target contains default content
PM30402 was_common_configure_mail_providers in Execute mode fails to create correct XML nodes structure
PM31542 WAS nodes defaulted to WAS 61 when attempt to generate environment via the wizard using WAS70/WP 615 as inputs
PM32321 SFTP doesn't work with Tectia on Linux remote System
PM32484 rafw libraries call rafw.bat incorrectly during BF .drill on Windows platforms
PM32803 RAFW environment generation wizard with user WAS/WP template add invalid entries
PM33091 The environment builder does not support more than a single digit number of nodes
PM33343 Unable to generate the env cell definition for the existing cell: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError
PM34658 Environment generation wizard runs out of memory on large topologies

Fixed issues

See previous releases for a complete history of fixed issues in the 7.1.2.x stream.

Known issues

Some known issues in 7.1.2 were addressed in 7.1.2 iFix 1 and are included in this release.

  • Filter fields do not handle underscore ( _ ) character correctly in double-byte character sets. Workaround: avoid using the character in project names.
  • Step failure during failover in Oracle RAC: If the Oracle RAC database goes through a failover, a step in progress may fail. Specifically, if the step is performing a write operation when the failover occurs, Oracle RAC might not respond to Build Forge quickly enough for the step state to be determined. This issue was discovered during testing but is considered rare. Build Forge logs grow quickly during a failover as the system continues to poll the database.
  • Tab becomes unresponsive after a new tab has been opened from its links: If you choose to open a link in a new tab from anywhere in the UI, the original tab becomes unresponsive. Workaround: Refresh the page containing the original tab.
  • Password encryption and reinstallation: If you have implemented password encryption and want to preserve user information when you delete and reinstall Build Forge, you must first back up the <bfinstall>/keystore directory and the <bfinstall>/bfclient.conf file. Restore those files in the new installation.

Implementing Failover for Build Forge Using Oracle 11.2 RAC

Basic database setup for Oracle RAC is the same as setup for other Oracle databases. Use the instructions in the information center: Installing and Upgrading > Pre-installation Setup > Database Setup > Oracle Setup.

However, to enable Oracle RAC failover to work with Build Forge, there is additional configuration required. There are two methods available:

  • SCAN method: modify buildforge.conf
  • Explicit Connection strings method: modify the tnsnames.ora file for Oracle Instant Client and modify buildforge.conf

Both methods require that you specify SERVICE_NAME, which represents the cluster as a whole. This is different than non-RAC configurations, where SERVICE_NAME is typically the same as the SID.

SCAN Method

SCAN (single client access name) is a facility in Oracle 11g. When it is used, all nodes in the cluster are made eligible for failover. At least three nodes should be available and set up to fail over on a round-robin basis.

To enable failover using this method, add the db_url parameter to buildforge.conf and use the JDBC connection string as the parameter. Note that the service must be set up in Oracle ( and have multiple nodes. Line breaks are included for clarity. Do not break the lines in buildforge.conf.

   db_url jdbc:oracle:thin:@(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)
   db_tcp_port 1521
   db_database orclrac
   db_type odbc
   db_provider oracle

Update buildforge.conf in both of its locations in Build Forge, the root installation directory and the Apache tomcat directory:

  • Windows systems:
  • UNIX and Linux systems:

Explict Connection Strings Method

You may need the Oracle DBA to provide the name of the service and the list of nodes to use. You configure the tnsnames.ora file for Oracle Instant Client and set the JDBC connection string in buildforge.conf.

In this method you specify the service which represents the cluster and each desired cluster node. At least three nodes should be available and set up to fail over on a round-robin basis. The LOAD_BALANCE and FAILOVER parameters must be set.

In the examples, the following names are used.

  • Service name:
  • Node names: clusnode-1vip, clusnode-2vip, clusnode-3vip, clusnode-4vip



Set the db_url parameter to the JDBC connection string. Line breaks are included for clarity. Do not break the lines in buildforge.conf.

db_url jdbc:oracle:thin:@(DESCRIPTION=(LOAD_BALANCE=on)

Update buildforge.conf in both of its locations in Build Forge, the root installation directory and the Apache tomcat directory:

  • Windows systems:
  • UNIX and Linux systems: