Rational Data Collection Component - New and Noteworthy S4

The Data Collection Component is an alternative to the Insight and Java based ETL for CLM products. Designed to address key performance, and deployment concerns with the current ETL solutions, it is a solution that employs parallel processing and optimizes system resource utilization by utilizing efficiently available system resources to process the data. This in return results in a reduced overall execution time for the ETL process for CLM data, whether there is a single instance, or multiple instances to process.

Bit-Mode Support

For testing and staging environment purposes, the only supported bit-mode is 64-bit. Note the 32-bit version is also provided but limited to a desktop installation scenario.

Operating System Support

Current version is supported on

Current version is also supported on these OSes but very limitated validation has been done

Note there flavors of Windows and Linux might work as well.

RDBMS Support

Limited to the following RDBMS on any of the supported CLM operating systems:

Application Server Support

System Requirements

Data Collection Component Server

Known Issues With This Version

No known issue so far.