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Jazz Reporting Service 7.0.2

Product Release / Trial | December 11, 2020
Jazz Reporting Service New and Noteworthy

Jazz Reporting Service 7.0.2 New & Noteworthy

Jazz Reporting Service is an integral part of the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) solution.

New in Jazz Reporting Service 7.0.2

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Option to select alternate storage for LQE compaction process

Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) compaction requires available disk space equal to the total size of all indexes on disk for the temporary files that are used during the compaction process. Now, by using an optional setting, LQE administrators can specify an alternative location for the temporary files that are used during the compaction process in LQE.

Report Builder supports artifact name changes made in ELM applications

You can now replace missing or renamed artifacts from other IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) applications in Report Builder.

Work item linking and navigation in a GC context

As a part of the enhancement that associates global configurations with IBM Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) releases, you can now create or modify reports against a configuration-scoped Report Builder data source to see release-specific work item relationships with versioned artifacts.

Generate alternate SPARQL queries to filter on artifacts before scoping by projects

You can now generate an alternative SPARQL query for reports to filter on artifacts before scoping by projects.

Frozen column headers for tabular reports

The column headers in the Run report tab are now frozen for tabular reports. Frozen column headers are especially useful when you need to scroll down a report with a large number of columns.

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