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Jazz Reporting Service 7.0.1

Product Release / Trial | July 7, 2020
Jazz Reporting Service New and Noteworthy

Jazz Reporting Service 7.0.1 New & Noteworthy

Jazz Reporting Service is an integral part of the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) solution.

New in Jazz Reporting Service 7.0.1

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Append and merge traceability paths in a single report

You can now mix Append and Merge traceability paths in a single report. Merge paths take precedence and are evaluated first; then the results are appended together.

Requirement revision history data from DOORS and DOORS Next available in Report Builder

Data Collection Component (DCC) now loads the revision history of requirements from the IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS and IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next applications. You can create reports on requirement revision history.

Draft reports are cleaned up periodically in Report Builder

Draft reports are now deleted based on the value set for the draft.report.max.modified.age.days property in the JTS_install_dir/server/conf/rs/app.properties file. If the number of days since the report was last modified is more than the value in this property, the report is deleted. The default value for the property is 15 days.

Browser support

Chromium Edge is now a supported browser.

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