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April 23, 2019

Jazz Reporting Service

Default reporting option for Jazz solutions

Jazz Reporting Service 6.0.6

Product Release / Trial | June 15, 2018

Upgrading to Jazz Reporting Service 6.0.6

Before you upgrade

For a list of changes to the installation and upgrade process, see the CLM and IoT CE 6.0.6 Installation and Upgrade Notes.

If you plan to upgrade to this release, be aware of the following items:

  • You can upgrade to this release from any version 5 or version 6 release.

  • If the CLM applications to upgrade are colocated in the same WebSphere Application Server profile, on WebSphere Liberty, or on Apache Tomcat, you must upgrade all the applications at the same time.

  • The preferred runtime environments for the CLM and IoT CE applications are as follows, in this order:

    • Java 8 with WebSphere Liberty 17
    • Java 8 with WebSphere Application Server 9
    • Java 7.1 SR3 FP40 or later with WebSphere Application Server or later

    • Java 7.1 SR4 FP10 is not supported. CLM applications that run on WebSphere Application Server Liberty and are configured with that version of Java might crash.
    • Java 8 SR5 Fix Pack 5 through Fix Pack 10 is not supported as the runtime for applications on a Windows platform. To avoid null pointer exceptions, use Java 8 SR5 Fix Pack 11 ( or later.
    • On IBM i, the latest supported version of WebSphere Application Server is 8.5.5.
    • Do not use Oracle JDBC driver because this version of the driver contains a defect. For details, see repotools -createTables command fails with ORA-01000 on Oracle 12 on the IBM Support portal page.

  • If you are upgrading from a version other than 6.0.5, or will now use WebSphere Liberty or a version of Java that was built after April 2017, after you upgrade your server to 6.0.6 you must obtain updated licenses from the IBM Rational License Key Center to replace your current licenses. If you previously used floating, token, or authorized user single install licenses, install their updated versions. Your existing user license assignments are kept during the installation of the updated licenses. For details, see the upgrade instructions in the Interactive Upgrade Guide.

  • On IBM i, if you upgrade to this version from a version 5 release, the upgrade takes longer than previous upgrades because the database includes structural changes to support new features.

  • If you use Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) for reporting, you might have to reindex the data sources after the upgrade, depending on which application and version you upgrade from. For details, see the Interactive Upgrade Guide. LQE now requires a Java 1.8 runtime and will not work with Java 1.7. See instructions for WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Liberty.

  • If you upgrade to version 6.0.6 from a version 6 release of Rational DOORS Next Generation or Design Management, the Interactive Upgrade Guide instructs you to query for whether artifacts have more than one current version, and, if so, to run the -repairMultipleVersionsMarkedAsCurrent repository tools command before the upgrade. This command addresses a known issue where concurrent changes to an artifact can cause version issues in configurations. The -repairMultipleVersionsMarkedAsCurrent repository tools command is available in 6.0.5 and in interim fixes of the earlier version 6 releases. For versions 6.0 through 6.0.4, you must apply the interim fix that contains the command before you can run it:

    • 6.0 interim fix 014
    • 6.0.1 interim fix 015
    • 6.0.2 interim fix 013
    • 6.0.3 interim fix 008a
    • 6.0.4 interim fix 003

    If you run the query and it detects more than one current version of an artifact, but the -repairMultipleVersionsMarkedAsCurrent repository tools command is not available, do not upgrade to version 6.0.6.