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Collaborative Lifecycle Management

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Collaborative Lifecycle Management 6.0

Product Release / Trial | June 26, 2015
This is not the most recent version. We recommend Collaborative Lifecycle Management . This is made available for archival purposes and may contain bugs and/or security vulnerabilities. If you do download this version, it is being provided AS IS, without warranties of any kind, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. We strongly advise you review the support pages for this version and update the product or take actions recommended therein. Security bulletins contain instructions for the security vulnerability addressed therein, and may require upgrading to a newer version. Link to security vulnerability blog: IBM PSIRT blog.

Upgrading to Collaborative Lifecycle Management 6.0

Before you upgrade

If you plan to upgrade to 6.0, be aware of the following issues:

  • You can upgrade to this release from any 5.0, 5.0.1, or 5.0.2 release.
  • If the CLM applications to upgrade are co-located in the same WebSphere Application Server profile or on Apache Tomcat, you must upgrade all the applications at the same time.
Change and Configuration Management, Quality Management, and Requirements Management

If you are upgrading any of the Change and Configuration Management (CCM), Quality Management (QM), and Requirements Management (RM) applications from version 5.0 and later, see Upgrading to version 6.0. If you are upgrading from a version 4 release, first upgrade to a version 5 release, preferably the latest 5.0.x release. For more information, see Upgrading from version 4 to the current version.

Requirements Management (RM) application only

Before you run the upgrade script or the -addTables command for the RM application, you can improve performance by increasing the memory allocation for If it's possible in your environment, in, change VMARGS="$VMARGS -Xmx${REPOTOOLS_MX_SIZE:-1500}M" to VMARGS="$VMARGS -Xmx8G". For details, see Work Item 94505.

Quality Management (QM) application only

The QM application does not support online migration for upgrading to 6.0.