Rational Reporting for Development Intelligence 5.0.2

Product Release / Trial | December 5, 2014

Download Rational Reporting for Development Intelligence

Download Tip: Due to the large file sizes of these downloads, we highly recommend that you use a download manager to work around a download size limitation on some web browsers (typically 2 GB maximum) and to improve the download performance.

To perform a web install of RRDI, download a Web Installer for your platform, unzip the zip file and run the appropriate executable. Download the Installation Manager repository to install without requiring a network connection to jazz.net. You may also need to use this approach if your network has a firewall that requires authentication.

Configure Rational Reporting

After setting up your Jazz Team Server and applications, follow the documentation to configure reporting in the Jazz Team Server.

Install and setup Rational Reporting for Development Intelligence

Follow the documentation to install Rational Reporting for Development Intelligence.

If you need help installing or using Rational Reporting for Development Intelligence, post your questions in the Collaborative Lifecycle Management forum. Other community members as well as RRDI developers monitor the forums and answer questions. To file a defect or enhancement request against RRDI, create a work item in the CLM project area and file it against "Common Reporting."