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Rational Team Concert

Build and Process Automation

  • ARCAD-Deliver - If you need to manage, automate and audit the accurate deployment of IBM i software from your RTC build environment to multiple production platforms at the same time, ARCAD-Deliver can help. Integrated with RTC, it provides a proven, repeatable process for promoting updates to your applications in a complex production environment, minimizing risk and downtime.
  • Prolifics - Would you like to use your Team Concert build engine to automate the build, test and deployment of WAS, WESB, WPS, WMB or Portal applications? If so then our starter automation scripts are ideal to get you up and running quickly.

Interoperability - Change Management

  • Arsin - Arsin's Effecta Test Suite now uses IBM ® Rational Team Concert's defect management system to log and view defects from Effecta.
  • BSD Group - Rational Team Concert Adaptor for HP Quality Center keeps Quality Center defects and Rational Team Concert work items in sync.
  • BSD Group - BSD's OSLC Bridge allows Quality Center and Rational Team Concert to link defects and requirements between the two systems. It is possible to push updates in either RTC or QC are sent to the other tool keeping test and development working together.
  • CM Logic - CM Logic provides a bi-directional integration of Rational Team Concert and the JIRA change management system.
  • dbMaestro - Software Change and Configuration Management for the database development environment. Extension to IBM Rational ClearQuest and ClearCase. dbMaestro TeamWork is RTC Ready for Rational certified.
  • Green Hat - GH Tester is a comprehensive validation and virtualization solution for automating the testing of composite applications relying on legacy, SOA, BPM and Cloud technologies and automatically enters defects into Rational Team Concert, thereby extending automated lifecycle quality management to complex business systems.
  • iTKO LISA - iTKO LISA is a collaborative enterprise software testing solution for modern, distributed applications, including SOA, BPM and integration platforms.
  • Tasktop - Tasktop's Task Federation creates visibility and traceability between Rational Team Concert and more than 50 ALM solutions including bi-directional synchronization between work items in Rational Team Concert and defects in HP Quality

Governance and Compliance Tools

  • Black Duck - The Black Duck Protex integration with Rational Team Concert can help you manage open source technology, accelerate development and address license compliance.
  • Protecode - Protecode Build Analyzer (BA) analyzes only the files that are consumed during a build operation to ensure compliance with an organization's licensing policy. BA provides a software bill of materials (BOM) and a licensing obligations report for software products.
  • SOA Software - Policy Manager™ is a comprehensive solution offering unique governance process and collaboration capabilities to instill consistency and accountability. Provides governance by extending WSRR to non-IBM environments.
  • WebLayers - WebLayers Center for RTC provides the industry's most comprehensive design-time governance platform available today by centralizing policy management across multiple IT domains from SOA through mainframe.

IDEs and Development Tools

  • ARCAD-Observer - ARCAD Software's ARCAD-Observer integration with Rational Team Concert improves your IBM i application intelligence by analyzing structure, dependencies and interrelationships. The knowledge repository is maintained automatically and used to create more complete and accurate builds, visualize and browse complex applications and perform more accurate impact analysis of changes.
  • Aviarc - Aviarc is a comprehensive solution enabling organizations to conceive, construct, deploy and support, custom developed web-based applications. With a focus on the LOB collaborating closely with IT or the ISV. Aviarc works seamlessly with IBMs private and public cloud offerings, BPM offerings and Smart Business platform.
  • CM-Logic - RTC for IntelliJ IDEA is a fully functional native Version Control Integration that enables developers using IntelliJ to leverage the power of Rational Team Concert for Source Control, Work Item management and collaboration services.
  • Worklight - The WorkLight development platform allows a web developer to create mobile Applications from web & native source code. This Jazz build engine plug-in augments the WorkLight solution with team integration features as well as remote build for Android and iOS Applications.

Process Tools

  • Method Park - Stages is a Process Management Solution for ALM/PLM systems. It allows users to define and model their development processes and practially enact them within the Rational Team Concert solution.

Productivity Tools

  • Rocket Gang - The Work Item Visualizer allows users to graphical view relationships between Team Concert work items. Users select a focus for visualization and the Visual graphical shows all related items to a selected depth. User can change the depth and filter on work item and relationship types.
  • Smart Bear - Code Collaborator is the most popular tool for automating peer code review. It removes the roadblocks to code review by making it easy to share source changes and discuss code design and implementation, all with no meetings!
  • Tasktop - Tasktop's RTC Connector enables Mylyn's task-focused interface technology for RTC, which improves developer productivity by displaying only the source code that is relevant for each work item.

Project Management

  • Ascendant Technology - Atech Team Connector (ATC) for MS Project allows project managers automated continuous synchronization of macro MS Project plans with micro Rational Team Concert (RTC) release and iteration plans, which, along with services, can substantially help organizations achieve flexibility, innovation, and responsiveness to business demands.
  • Planview - Planview OpenSuite for IBM Rational Team Concert provides a consolidated view to better understand and manage all types of projects within an organization. This integration provides project visibility in Planview Enterprise for the project-level iterations and work items in IBM Rational Team Concert.
  • QSM - QSM SLIM-Control integrates to Rational Team Concert to harvest project data to be used in evaluating SLIM estimates against actual project status, generating more accurate forecasts, improving the visibility of project status, and leading to on-time, on-budget application development projects.

Rational Quality Manager

Virtual Test Lab Automation

  • Surgient - Virtualization support for Rational Test Lab Manager
  • VMLogix - Virtualization support for Rational Test Lab Manager

Interoperability - Change Management

  • CM Logic - CM Logic provides a bi-directional integration of Rational Team Concert and the JIRA change management system.

Execution tools

  • Arsin - Integration of Rational Quality Manager with Arsin's Effecta for an end to end Business Process Test Automation and Validation. The Integrated solution enhances Test Management, reduces Test Automation effort and increases Test Automation Coverage.
  • Device Anywhere by Mobile Complete - Enables access to mobile application testing on more than 2000 real handsets across the globe, while employing RQM to control execution of tests and keep track of results.
  • Finaris - RapidRep execution tool adapter for RQM enables the RapidRep Test Suite RapidRep validates data, such as relational databases, or structured files like CSV or XML.
  • Green Hat - GH Tester, an automated validation and virtualization test product enabling agile, efficient management of composite applications relying on legacy, SOA, BPM and Cloud technologies, allows Rational Quality Manager to incorporate GH Tester's control of complex test environments into Rational test management processes.
  • iTKO LISA - iTKO LISA is a collaborative enterprise software testing solution for modern, distributed applications, including SOA, BPM and integration platforms. LISA Test's no-code testing augments your testing practice, allowing teams to rapidly automate functional, unit, regression and load tests at every application layer.
  • Juvander - OffRoad makes test execution possible in disconnected environments. This means that test planning and analyzing is done fully on the IBM Rational Quality Manager server, but actual test execution is no longer tied to certain location or network connection.
  • RapidRep - The RapidRep Test Runner allows customers to perform data quality checks, verify database migrations or to compare expected results with calculated results. Data stored in tables (e.g. DB2, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, SQL Server, MS Access...) or even special files like XML or CSV can be used in any combination.
  • Wind River - Wind River Test Management users can attach their Test cases to Quality Manager. Wind River Test Management is a test execution optimization system for embedded devices. It enables unprecedented run-time visibility into devices while under test. The system provides feedback that test teams and their management need.
  • Worksoft - Worksoft's Certify execution tool adapter for RQM enables access to automated testing solutions for functional testing of SAP and other enterprise business applications.

Quality Process

  • Sogeti - Integrates Sogeti's TMAP testing process with RQM


  • Tieto - Integration between CaliberRM and Rational Quality Manager. Synchronizes requirements from CaliberRM with RQM.

Rational Requirements Composer


  • iRise - iRise Connect for IBM Rational Requirements Composer makes high-fidelity iRise visualizations instantly accessible from within Requirements Composer