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Innovate 2014

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The world's awash in fast-moving, free-flowing data. Cloud is changing the way we do business and the business we do, clients are demanding ever-more personalized engagements, anywhere, any time, on any device. DevOps and continuous engineering help build a trusted foundation for cloud, big data, and engagement to lower friction, increase speed, and drive results.

The Innovate curriculum is aligned to three streams encompassing 33 tracks, more than 400 sessions, and over 200 client speakers. To check out the full preview of available sessions, hop over to the Innovate 2014 Session Preview.

On the Path to Daily Deliveries: a DevOps Services Story

Speakers: Jeanette Deupree, Kim Frederick

You have likely heard how IBM DevOps Services (JazzHub) provides seamless DevOps capabilities in the cloud. Have heard how CLM has transformed to Continuous Delivery. And have heard about IBM UrbanCode Deploy and Release. This session talks through how the DevOps Services organization brought together the Dev and Ops organizations with their own DevOps practices, resulting in a successful and repeatable DevOps process leveraging IBM UrbanCode Deploy and IBM UrbanCode Release. You will see a baseline of where the various services started, results from adopting these offerings, and thoughts on what is next in the never-ending transformation.

Kick Off Session: Scale agile across the enterprise with DevOps and Continuous Engineering

Speakers: Scott Will

To maximize the value from market opportunities, organizations must accelerate their software and systems innovation and reduce time to customer feedback. Scaling lean and agile principles across the enterprise can help provide the flexibility and feedback to speed innovation, enhance quality and manage costs. In this session, a panel of agile experts and thought leaders will discuss how different agile methodologies like Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD), Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Scrum, etc. can enable software and systems delivery teams to go further towards DevOps and Continuous Engineering approaches to balance speed, cost, quality and risk and reduce time-to-customer feedback.

CLM Continuous Upgrade Best Practices and Lessons Learned Using UrbanCode Deploy

Speakers: Robbie Minshall, Christophe Elek, John Owen

The IBM and IBM Hursley DevOps team manage hundred of CLM servers that are continuously upgraded. In 2013, they worked together with Support and Test to create the CLM upgrade best practices. Following such practices, IBM moved from a deployment every quarter into production to a deployment every day in staging and every week in production. How is IBM using UrbanCode Deploy to continuously upgrade Jazz staging and test it? How did they move their current processes and scripts to UrbanCode Platform? What are the best practices to maintain and upgrade hundreds of CLM servers with different versions? This case study explains how IBM Urbancode Deploy can help you accelerate delivery throughout your deployment process.

Tips and Tricks for Starting Your Deployment as Though it is Your Production System

Speakers: Gerald Mitchell, Paul Ellis

One of the biggest issues in deployment is when an initial deployment intended for a proof of concept invariably becomes a production system. This session highlights a few of the common pitfalls and how to plan ahead to avoid them. You hear references to the extensive documentation on how to plan for a staging area and how to use one of the IBM Rational standard topologies. However, this session is mostly based on real customer experiences and using additional information from the deployment wiki and the forums.

Case Studies and Approaches for Deployment Automation to the Private Cloud: Raytheon and CLM Development

Speakers: Robbie Minshall, Frederic Fusier

Do you struggle with deployment of enterprise Rational topologies? Are you looking for real world solutions for repeatable deployments, reduced start-up time and reduced costs? This exciting session will take a deep dive and comparison of Raytheon Missile Systems and Rational CLM Developments solutions for deployment. We will demonstrate our usage of IBM Urbancode Deploy and cloud technologies. To accelerate your progress we will introduce and get feedback on sharing deployment automation using JazzHub projects and the Deployment Wiki. This will be a practical yet aggressive look at deployment automation using real world examples.