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EclipseCon 2012

EclipseCon is the premier technical and user conference focusing on the power of the Eclipse platform. From implementers to users, and everyone in between, if you are using, building, or considering Eclipse, EclipseCon is the conference you need to attend.

Stop by and visit the Jazz Team at Booth B3 at EclipseCon 2012. We'll have "Scrum"-diddlyumptious chocolate bars and maybe even a few other fun freebies! We'd love to hear about your environment and geek it up with you for a few minutes. And of course, we'd love to show off some of our products and show you how they can help you and your team be more productive.

Join us at EclipseCon!

Extending Orion

Time slot: 26 March 9:00 - 12:00
Speakers: Syzmon Brandys, Simon Kaegi, John Arthorne
Room: Lake Anne A

Orion is an open tool integration platform for writing browser-based development tools. In this tutorial you will learn how to extend the Orion platform by integrating other web pages and services into the Orion development workflow. Close integration is achieved through writing Orion plugins to extend the platform with additional capabilities. We will walk through the process from a simple first plugin, up to a plugin that extends Orion in a variety of way: adding links to other pages, new language tools, and even a brief foray into connecting Orion with remote file systems...
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How to train the JDT dragon

Time slot: 26 March 9:00 - 12:00
Speakers: Stephan Herrmann, Ayushman Jain
Room: Lake Anne B

The JDT exposes APIs and extension points to enable you to extend and customize the Java tooling. In this tutorial you will write a plug-in that uses some of these APIs to create a few quick fixes, a cleanup, customize content assist and gather statistics for your project. In the process, you will learn about the AST, Java Model, bindings and other things that make JDT so cool...
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