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Open Commercial Software Development

Fri, 24 November 2006 16:14:00 EDT

We're big believers in the transparency and opportunity for participation that open source projects provide. We've learned a lot from our experience building Eclipse and we've collected it together into something we call "The Eclipse Way". It's a set of best practices founded on principles of Transparency, Feedback, and Agility with Predictability, that has helped us to deliver Eclipse on time for five years running.

But most commercial software is still developed in a relatively closed manner, leaving users in the dark for much of the development cycle. So we asked ourselves, why not apply our Eclipse Way best practices to the development of commercial software? What if commercial software was built in an open transparent manner, in full view of everyone, where users could interact directly with developers?

We think you'd get better commercial software and happier customers, so we've decided to try it... with Jazz. We're calling this Open Commercial Software Development. Another nice thing about it, is that we use Jazz to build Jazz, so you get to watch us eat our own dogfood! Who knows what this might lead to? Maybe some day all software projects - commercial and open source - will be built in an open, transparent manner!


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