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What’s new in Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager 6.0.5

I am happy to announce the release of IBM Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager (RELM) 6.0.5. We continue to focus on simplifying various RELM usability aspects. Here are the top 5 items you’ll find in this version of RELM:

1) See the number of artifacts in containers

In complex views, it’s hard to work with containers that have lots of artifacts. If all you need is to see how many artifacts you have, right-click on the canvas and select Show count. You can also click in one container to just see its count. This feature opens the door for a number of interesting use cases such as the one shown in the following image, a V-Process model with Artifact Count. You can see at each stage of the process how many artifacts you have.

V Process Model With Artifact Count

2) Showing Rational DOORS 9 data in views

RELM has supported DOORS for a number of releases but, until now, you needed to write custom SPARQL queries to see DOORS data in your RELM views. In 6.0.5, you can create views by using DOORS custom artifact elements that are available in the palette. You can link these artifacts with other CLM artifacts:

  • DOORS Modules
  • DOORS Project Area
  • DOORS Requirement
  • DOORS Requirement Collection
  • DOORS View

DOORS 9 artifacts in RELM view

3) Easily change what artifact types to show in a container

When you work with views, you can easily change what artifact types to show in a container. For example, in a view that shows work items linked to requirements, you might want to focus only on defects. To do so, right-click the work items container, click Change Artifact Type, and select Defect.

4) Focus on artifacts that have links

Now, you can manage complex views more easily by focusing containers only on the artifacts you need. If you want to see only artifacts that have links, for example, right-click an artifact and select Edit Scope and Conditions. On the Link Types tab, choose one or more link types. Now the container shows only the artifacts that have the links you need to see.

RELM artifacts with links

5) Easily import views

Until now, administrators could import views by adding content packages from a RELM administration page. Now, you can deploy views right on the Shared Views page by clicking the Import icon at the top right. A wizard walks you through the task. You can define the project scope and the conditions for the views you’re importing.

RELM import views

We are excited to deliver a number of updates you have been asking for to make RELM easier to use in your projects.  You can find out about other RELM 6.0.5 improvements in the New & Noteworthy RELM 6.0.5.  Let us know how we are doing.

We have also made a number of RELM videos available on YouTube that you can watch to learn more:

Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager works with the IBM IoT continuous engineering solution.  To download and install the product, go to

Fariz Saracevic
RELM Offering Manager

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