Rational Team Concert for agile teams

Code, run standups, plan sprints, and track work all in the same place. See how Rational Team Concert works for everyone in your team.

Product Owners can plan with ease

Share product vision
Create the backlog
Refine the backlog
Write effective user stories
Prioritize the backlog
Plan releases
See team progress

Scrum Masters can master their role

Run scrum meetings
Track impediments
Remove impediments
See team progress
Host retrospectives
Facilitate reviews

Developers can focus on development

Collaborate easily
Integrate with other tools
Use advanced, built-in SCM
Use simple, web-based document versioning
Continuously integrate
Continuously improve

Stakeholders can stay informed

See what the team is doing
Keep track of backlog stories

Get started with Rational Team Concert and scrum

Leverage existing resources to quickly adopt and start using scrum.

Download an enhanced scrum template and supporting practices
Use the built-in Rational Team Concert template for scrum